Tuesday, February 25, 2020


1.Tell us your name and the band you play for

Eric Hatten from the Akron Ohio based band

Big Ugly

2.Who made you want to pick up the guitar

Weird as it may sound but it was C.C. DeVille from Poison who got me into guitar. Dudes guitars in all the eighties videos were sweet.

Although not a strong influence on my playing style. He was definitely the first guitarist that made me want to play.

3.Are you self taught or did you take lessons?

Mostly self taught. Although I did have friends that gave me lessons from time to time.


4. Can you read music, Can you read tab?

A little of both, but I cannot sight read either one.


5.Do you feel like you have your own sound / tone ?

I think everyone is looking for their own sound, and the quest for the perfect tone seems to never end.

6.Tell us about your guitar ( brand ,model . year , color ) Schecter hellraiser with quilted maple top in red.  I'm primarily a rhythm player so I opt for no trems on my guitars.

7.What about pickups? Passive or active ? Tell us about them

 Emg 85/60 sets


8.Lets get into amplification, Same drill brand , model , speakers etc

For live shows I have a line 6 mark 2 tube head with matching cabinet. It's just easier for me.

For our albums I used a CAM 850ii hand wired and owned by Curran Murphy of Custom Audio Mutation. Who is also our producer.

9.Do you have a pedal board? Tell us about that badboy

10..Now tell us your Dream Rig in detail…..

If I could just steal Curran's live rig I'd be happy.

I'm saving up to purchase one of his custom built heads and when I do I think I'll just be able to plug straight into the head with a footswitch and go. Simple/easy and I'll have miles of tone.and gain for days.

11.What guitarist can you not stand?

Myself, I wish I was better. Like many of us I'm my own worse critic.

I12. Is tone more important or is technique?

I'd say technique. A good guitarist will sound good playing through the crappiest gear. Or a bad guitarist on the greatest gear will still sound like crap.

13. Name your top 5 guitarist

I'm a metal rhythm guitarist who has no desire to shred solos. So my list may be a little weird.

James Hetfield

Zack Wylde

Matt Tuck

Kirk Hammet


14.Who is the most overrated guitarist

Jimi Hendrix

15.Who would you like a one hour private sit down lessons with anyone dead or alive?

Zack Wylde

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