Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Ten Pounder interview: Stacey Lee of Corners of Sanctuary

Ten Pounder: Hello, Stacey and welcome to The Ten Pounder! Thanks for taking some time to chat with us!
Stacey Lee: Thank you for having me!
TP: What's your perspective on the current state of the music industry? Is it as bad as everyone says it is?
Stacey Lee: The music industry definitely isn’t what it used to be.  Commercialism will always be a huge factor but I think we have been so over come with second rate music based off of what an artist looks like and not the true talents behind them. Companies want music they can move fast with and make a quick buck off of and not really investing in real musicianship.  
I think at the moment, though, we are on the verge of it coming back around.  Rock bands are being noticed more often now. Commercials have started to use Rock music. Look at these classic bands coming out with stadium tours.  I truly feel that we are on a great path.  
TP: What do you feel would be the number one thing artists and bands can do to make an immediate change in their local music scene? Do you feel artists and bands would be willing to make that change?
Stacey Lee: One HUGE thing is support each other.  All too often I have seen where bands tear down other bands.  Why must we? Why can’t we go to each other’s shows, post on social media…“Hey my buddies band is playing come out with me and see them.” 
I know of a few music scenes in the US are like this.  And I love it. They use the hashtag #metalfam…it’s a great thing.  
TP: Stacey, who do you feel is more responsible from making change within the music industry, the artist or industry executives…or is there something the fans can do to change the how the music industry is being looked at and ran?
Stacey Lee: I think in order for us to get the industry to change we must be diligent and stand our ground as artists.  Demand our rights as artists. It’s about remembering what your worth is.  
Fans need to go and support the bands more.  Too many people think our music should be free.  If you want to keep hearing from a band, buy their music, buy a shirt, go to a show and make sure they get paid.  It costs money to make music. Would you work for free at your current job?
No, you wouldn’t.  
TP: Recently it was announced that you are now singing for Corners of Sanctuary and will be heading out on the band's first UK tour is coming March. Tell us a little about how you came to be working with the band.
Stacey Lee: I saw that Mick was asking about singers on Facebook.  I jokingly asked him if his singer needed to be local. He said it would help.  A few weeks later he asked me to record some songs to audition with. The next day they asked me to join. 
TP: Corners of Sanctuary is headquartered in Philadelphia whereas you're in Chicago... talk about a long distance relationship. Are there any concerns regarding distance and making things work?
Stacey Lee: Of course initially there are/were.  We all understand the risk of being this far apart.  But when there is a will there is always a way. It gives us more chances to expand our fan base I think.  Me living here will give us new venues to play with my contacts here. Plus traveling between states can always result in mini tours/runs.  There are possibilities to be had.  
TP: Corners of Sanctuary also announced that it will be releasing a new EP exclusively for the upcoming UK tour which features you on lead vocals. Can you tell us a little about the upcoming EP and how does it feel to be recording with the band?
Stacey Lee: I love the songs we’ve chosen to record.  3 brand new never before heard songs that I get to introduce myself with and one classic track with my take on the vocals.  My favorite new track is a song called “Sandstorm Salvation”…straight forward in your face traditional Metal. Being a fan of the band already helped me get into a vibe.  I dig the classic Metal sound and I think I finally found a home for my voice.  
TP: Stacey, many artists point to two specific reasons for the massive shake-up in the music industry. The first being the rise of the Grunge movement in the early 1990s and the second being the massive digital explosion of the early 2000s. Do you feel that these two particular points in history are the main reasons as to why the music industry is in its current state or was it something else?
Stacey Lee: Both hurt the scene so much.
Grunge had its purpose.  But I couldn’t really get into it very heavily.  But people went to it in droves. I think it was just time for a shake down.  People were hungry for music with more depth. I love my 80’s hard Rock but the lyrical content didn’t keep up with the times.  
And then the illegal downloading started.   As I stated earlier, people started demanding free music.  That didn’t help much. Yeah in a way people were discovering new music but sales started to plummet and labels were looking at the next best thing.  
TP: In your opinion, is old school Heavy Metal making a comeback in 2020? And do you feel that Corners of Sanctuaryis part of that wave?
Stacey Lee: We will DEFINITLEY be apart of it. I see kids 16-18 singing to classic Megadeth, Maiden, Metallica, Priest…. They are digging it…because their parents or uncles/aunts listened to it. I’m excited about the future. 
TP: What do you think fans want most from their favorite artists and bands?
Stacey Lee: Being a fan myself I know that I always like a band to try to stay true to what they started all the while reaching out and finding new inspirations.  I never cared for bands that changed up their sound completely just to make a buck. That’s just my opinion though. Some bands find a new audience and keep growing.  But I think the more popular opinion is, stay true to your original vision. 
TP: With so many bands and music available today, is there still such a thing as fan loyalty when it comes to being a "favorite artist?" Is there too much to go around for fans to choose?
Stacey Lee:
Even though we have such a plethora of music to choose from I believe people still have their favorites. I know I do.  I love my favorite bands form the 80’s but listen to some more recent bands/music. But my favorites will always be there. 

TP: Thanks again Stacey for taking some time and talking. It is greatly appreciated.
Stacey Lee: Thank you!  It was my pleasure.

Check out Stacey and Corners of Sanctuary at:
Official: www.cornersofsanctuary.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/CornersofSanctuary
Twitter: www.twitter.com/COSnROLL
Instagram: www.instagram.com/cosnationmetal

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