Thursday, February 13, 2020

Vokills interview with Stacey Lee of Corners of Sanctuary

1. Please introduce yourself and tell us who you sing for. Stacey Lee: My name is Stacey Lee and I sing for Corners of Sanctuary.

2. What/Who made you want to sing?
Stacey Lee: I was a young kid and my siblings and I all went out to get KISS solo albums.  At the time I wanted to be Ace Frehley.  But I ended up being more drawn to Paul.  His voice and swagger were intriguing.  From then on I decided I wanted to be a singer.

3. Who was the first singer you saw live that gave you chills?
Stacey Lee: My first concert was Poison opening for Ratt in 1987.  I was 13.  Brett came out on stage and it was awesome to me.  He worked that crowd and they all had some much energy. 
4. Many people say heavy music is just screaming, How would you combat that statement?
Stacey Lee: There are a lot of newer metal bands that have screamers for singers.  I even like some of them.  But not all Metal is screaming.  I’m a singer.  I don’t scream and we are still Metal.

5. If you growl or do harsh vocals how do you keep your voice after such violent performances?
Stacey Lee: Again, don’t growl or do harsh vocals but regardless, taking care of your voice is paramount.

6. Do you have a warm up routine? Tell us about it?
Stacey Lee: I do actually.  It includes hot tea and singing 2 songs.  A lower key of “How Great Thou Art” and finish it off with Katy Perry’s “Firework.” They both have a climbing vocal and help keeping my voice in the proper range

7. Do you think power or performance is more important?
Stacey Lee: Performance is more important than power in my opinion. 

8. Who do you think gets unfair vocal praise, someone the world thinks is great but is not? / And who is great but does not get the credit?
Stacey Lee: We all have a singer or artist we dislike.  Someone who we deem isn’t worthy of their popularity. And there are far too many these days for me to pinpoint one.  As far as someone who deserves to be heard, those too are far too many. 
There are a lot of great bands out there that are in need of being heard.  I hope they get their due.  A few of my favorites are: Auditory Armory from Orlando, FL.  Resistance from Racine, WI, Bullet to the Heart from Chicago, Gabriel and the Apocalypse from MN that’s the short list
9. Name your top 5 vocalist.
Stacey Lee: Stephen Patrick formerly of Holy Soldier
Michael Sweet of Stryper
Paul Stanley of Kiss
Sandi Patty
Karen Carpenter

10. Micheal Buble or Jim Gallette? Just testing your skills here…
Stacey Lee: Both.  I have a wide range of music that I enjoy singing so I can’t just pinpoint one style. 

11. Who do you love to listen to that would surprise people?
Stacey Lee: I listed her as a favorite vocalist.  Her name is Sandi Patty.  She is a Christian music artist who started in the late 70’s…a classically trained singer.  She helped me develop my voice more and gave me my operatic style that I love. 

12. If you could remove the Autotune from any singer who would it be?
Stacey Lee: Sad how these days we rely on tech than talent. 
Even some metal singers are starting to use it on albums.  I wouldn’t just want to call out one, but ALL who use it.  If you can’t sing, then don’t do it.  I have never used it.  If my notes are wrong I re-record them.  If I hit a wrong note live, then that’s it.  Live.

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