Tuesday, February 25, 2020


1.Tell us your name & the band you play for?
     Mep Large and I do all the guitars for Effigy of Hate  
2.Who made you pick up guitar? 
       My best friend’s stepdad Mike Luxan
3.Are you self taught or did you take lessons?
          I was 16 when I first picked up a guitar … taught myself to play along with other music then started exploring writing and learning new guitar riffs 
4.Can you read music. Can you read tab ?  
          Yes .. I can read tab 

5.Do you feel like you have your own sound/tone?
         Most definitely 
6.Tell us about your guitar (brand, model, year, color)
Main guitars = BC rich Beast (black)                    Bass = Stagg (brown)
                           BC rich War Beast (black)
                           Fender 12 string acoustic (brown)
                           1982 Dayon acoustic (brown)
7.What about pickups? passive or active? tell us about them 

8.Let’s get into amplifications same drill brand model etc 
          Don’t use amps 
9.Do you have a pedal board? tell us about that badboy
            No haven’t used one 
10.Tell us about your dream rig in detail 
            Jeff Hannemans complete set up guitar amp etc 
11.What guitarist can you not stand?
             Rob chapman  
12.Is tone more important or technique?
          A well balanced mixture of both 
13.Name your top 5 guitarist
       Jeff Hanneman
Kerry King 
       Don Anderson
        Steve Vai 
14.Who is the most overrated guitarist ?
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1.Why bass? 
      Why not … lol 
2.Do you think its unfair or just lack of knowledge bass gets so little credit?
       Its very unfair 
3.What kind of bass do you use brand, model, color, year and why? 
         Right now, were using a Stagg 
4.Tell us about your amplification 
         don’t use any 
5.with all that being said do you think tone is important for bass?
           Yes absolutely its important with all aspects of music 

6.Do you prefer 5 strings over 4?
     If I had a choice id prefer 5 but right now using only 4 strings 
7.Who is your favorite bassist?
       Tom Araya 
8.Who is your least favorite bassist?
9.Why do you think woman seemed attracted to playing bass?
        I’m not to sure
10.What bassist dead or alive would you like a private lesson from?
Micheal Manring 
11. Bonus question 
Bobby doll, nikki sixx, Les claypool, billy sheehan, which is more ridiculous?
Nikki Sixx because of Motley crue

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1.Please introduce yourself and tell us who you sing for?
           My name is Jewelzz White and I sing as well as write lyrics for Effigy of Hate 
2.What/who made you want to sing?
          Ive sang for most of my life , lost touch with it for a few years but then met Mep at a slayer concert He was doing musical already and gave me the push I needed. I began writing and singing our sounds melded so well together so we decided to hit it hard together with EOH (effigy of hate)
3.Who was the first singer you saw live that gave you chills?
       I mean it wasn’t my first concert by any means .. but definitely my most memorable 
Adam Darskie (nergal) from Behemoth hands down I could barely breath seeing him live 
4.Many people say heavy music is just screaming. how would you combat that statement?
          Heavy metal is screaming yes I agree but its also so much more .. theres also a lot of harmonizing , clean vocals, and changing tones etc 

5.If you growl or do harsh vocals how do you keep your voice after such a performance ?
        I’m not to sure .. lots of water
6.Do you have a warm up routine? Tell us about it 
      Cant say I really have one .. I definitely need to get one  
7.Do you think power or performance is more important ?
        Both .. without power your performance falls flat without performance you have no act 
8.Who do you think gets unfair vocal praise ?
            I feel all musician deserve praise and credit 
But if I had to pick one vocalist who deserve more praise for there hard work would be Tom Araya 
Name your top 5 vocalist 
Tom Araya (slayer)
Adam Darskie (Behemoth) 
Maria Franz (heilung)
John Haughm (Agalloch)

9.Micheal buble or Jim Gallette?
         Huh what Micheal Bubble who … lol 
10.Who do you love to listen to that would surprise people ? 
11.If you could remove auntune from any singer who would it be ?
           All auto tune is shit … I feel it should be removed from all music 
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