Wednesday, April 22, 2020


1. Why bass?

 Originally I didn't wanna play the bass. I wanted to play guitar in a metal band but, POWERHOUSE didn't need a guitar player and so I bought my first bass and practice amp off my grandfather for 100 bucks and just started learning bass and grew to love it and found a HUGE appreciation for many bassist.

2. Do you think its unfair or just lack of knowledge bass gets so little credit?

 I think it comes down to How unique a bass player performs on and off the stage. If your a bass player that just kind of stands off in front of your amp in hide behind the drums I don't really think you get much credit. But when you're a bass player like Lemmy or Cliff Burton, thrashing around and head banging your head, then you get the credit you deserve especially like how Cliff Burton was very much of a classical influence even with his bass and you go outside of your comfort zone. 

3. What kind of bass do you use?   Model, color, year, and why.

 I started off with a  Black Yamaha. I don't know what year  it was but that's the bass I bought off my grandfather and I still used to this day. Then i got a Satin black 2018 Jackson JS2 JS Series Concert mainly because David Eliffson uses Jackson and I've always LOVED Jackson. Then most recently I bought a 2019 Sunburst Epiphone Thunderbird IV Bass Vintage. I got this for the unique vintage tone. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this bass! Definitely my go to bass!

4. Tell us about  your amplification.

For my head i use a Mesa Boogie Big Block 750 tube head. It gives me a variety of tones and mids. I use big deep bass and a little bite with it. Cab amplification is a little weird. Have a GK GLX 4x10" cab with various 10" speakers in it. My Frankenstein amp in some words. I see an Ampeg 8x10" cab in my possession very soon though.

5. With all that being said do you feel tone is of an important thing for bass?

Absolutely! As bass tone, you have figure out do you want an active or passive tone. Big fat beefy bass tone or wire thin cut through anything bass tone. Or anywhere in between. But it also has to mix well with the guitars.

6. Do you prefer 5 strings over 4 strings?

No, 4 is enough for me to get the job done. I do plan on experimenting with 5string though eventually.

7. Who's your favorite bassist?

Cliff Burton by far. So unique with his classical writing style and also having a cut throat, "Pulling Teeth", gigantic sound!

8. Who's your least favorite bassist?

Les Claypool. Just becasue his music isnt really my style. Too much weirdness. GREAT MUSICIAN! But not my cup of whiskey.

9. Why do you think women seem to be attracted to playing bass?

Now women know what's right! Ha ha ha! But I think its just because its the same for all musicians, gay straight, white, black, Asian, male female or whatever, they all appreciate everything about music making.

10. What bassist dead or alive would you like a private lesson with?

Tim Commerford from Rage Against The Machine for sure! Metal/ rap music with a funky bass. Greatest lesson ever!

11. Bonus question
Bobby Doll, Nikki Sixx, Les Claypool, Billy Sheehan which is more ridiculous and why?

Most ridiculous things in they're life, Nikki Sixx for sure. Lighting himself on fire, full blown heroin junky, dies, writes a song about it, slamming Jack onstage, and has a god damm flamethrower attached to his bass! Hands down! Bass solo wise, Billy Sheehan! Dude shreds!

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