Friday, April 17, 2020


1.Tell us who you are with and what youve been up to in 2020 so far
Because of the virus going around not a whole lot for in person activities but I do have a music video for "GONE MAD" single I'm releasing on VEVO May 19th and a brand new EP called "BRING ON THE FEAR" coming June 5th on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play and more.

2.What plans have the virus changed for you?
All gigs - in person guitar lessons - and recording local artists. All canceled and cut off.

3.Do you think the virus in the big picture is help or hindrance for bands?
Hindrance. No one can play live and make a living or make new opportunities to forward their career. Help side there is a online audience during this time if you have all ready built up a following. You can also take the time now to record and work on releasing new music in the studio.

4.Are you doing live streams or special video’s / releases for your fans stuck at home

I will. I haven't been because I've been under the weather but near my release dates I'll be taking action and doing a lot more. For me, I've done this full time music gig for 11 years now and this past month has been a good rest time for me, instead the constant moving.

5.What are you doing in quarantine that would surprise people?
Idk about a SURPRISE! ha but I haven't been anywhere in over a month and half now. Watching movies, some video games lol, writing new songs, working my drum skills, practicing new techniques on guitar, some promotional work. mixing, recording demos.

6.What has been your mainstay music or netflix ?

7.Will you think differently about touring? And about groupies?
lol someday I'd like to be able to still do a short run tour opening for someone playing my own music instead of one off gigs playing cover songs a lot. - but as of now I don't see touring in 2020. It depends on how bad things get with the interaction at shows. I can still play on a stage and then unfortunately be forced to not interact and leave after.

8.Do you know anyone personally affected?
I don't but a few stories online from fb and Instagram fan base floating around

9.Do you think its more important to blame someone for the virus or to get it solved

10.Last question would you rather cover yourself in honey and throw yourself into a bees nest 
Or see your bassist naked?

Well in the risk of the fact that I'm allergic to bees ahah I'll have to go naked lol sorry BO HYDE! haha lol

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