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On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're talking about the Swedish/American metal band METHANE.

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're talking about the Swedish/American metal band METHANE.

Formed in 2012, they've won several awards such as:
Band of the month for Metal Devastation Radio, Metal Pick of the Month Dec. '14 with Custom Music Magazine,  Band of the Month Oct. '14 with Total Metal Radio, #2 Album of the Year with Finnish Heavy Metal Fans Group for 2017, and #7 ranked Groove Metal Band by

The song we're reviewing this week is "Thin the Herd."

Here's what our guests had to say about it:

Gage Sifuentes
Unto the Wolves

"First Impression:
"Thin the Herd" is a strong song. It feels very riff heavy and leans into the groove metal roll rather than merely illuding to it. Offhand, the singer reminds me a bit of Corrosion of Conformity meets Death Angel but with less Melody. The song is an unabashed original take on the genre and I for one, enjoyed it

The lyrics are fairly straightforward and simple. There is very little that is cryptic about the message of thinning the herd. The proverbial hangman being the actualization of death for many. A very Metal vibe for a proper metal song.

Quality of recording:
Very good! The overall mix is solid. All instruments are clear, the drums come in strong and sync with the low hum of the base very well. The change-ups incorporating the toms are really nice with them placed seperatly amidst the wide panning. The rhythm guitar tones are signature and are very accommodating to the riff heavy style of guitar playing as well as the heavy chunks during those enjoyable groove moments. The effects and slightly brighter tone really accommodate the solo. Vocally, the vocals are placed in more of a pocket rather than out front of the mix. There are no major accompaniments other than during the chorus when the other players yell following the lead vocalist. Typically, that would leave me wanting more however in this case, it feels right at home. It's a great design for a song which can be performed live almost exactly as recorded.

Overall package:
I would say the song is an excellent banner track for the band. It's catchy enough to be noticeable and metal enough to stay true to the proper metal fans. The main riffs have a dark vibe which certainly drew me in.

Extra (the video)
The simple nature of the video is akin to the simple nature of the song. However, video unlike the song does have some cryptic meaning. The production value it's pretty good and it does have a visual of the band to accompany those killer grooves."

Steve MacLeod
Ontario,  Canada

"Great thrash metal from these guys.  There’s definitely a Slayer vibe here and we can never have enough Slayer vibe.
The video rocks and the tune is awesome.  I loved it! 🤘"

Josiah Anderson
Nightadder1 Booking

"Comparable to old school thrash bands such as Sacred Reich and Death Angel, Methane's song Thin The Herd brings excellent riffs combined with old school thrash vocals. If you enjoy Exodus and Testament then you should definently check these guys out."

Brian Abbott
SpeakEasy Records and Oddities
Record store/live music venue

"I wonder if Methane knew, when they released “Thin the Herd” upon the world in September of 2019, just how poignant the song would be just a few short months later.  If the lyrics don’t strike a cord, given the planet’s current situation, then you haven’t been paying attention.
These two American brothers, who have re-located to the Metal Bastion of Sweden, have seemingly gazed into the Metal Ball and brought us a fine piece of Metal Wizardry.  Thin the Heard is the way I like my metal… punchy, crunchy and on point.  If the lyric doesn’t grab you, the simple power riffing will… the song has that grinding punch that makes you want to drive all night while crotching your favorite beverage… give it shot, it’s a certain head-bobber…."

Jeremy Amack
The Band Repent

"I loved this!!!  Very well put together and has that Slayer vibe. Completely amazing with the guitar work and I really enjoyed the vocals.  These guys are major league players in the music industry with a collection of good tunes, I went through their catalog to check out the other material. Solid work as well.  The video was really kewl too. Thin the Herd is definitely a jam worth hearing!!!"

Special thanks to our review team this week.

Here's the song let METHANE know what you think about it as well  !!!

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