Sunday, April 26, 2020

Genetic Error NEW BREW

Genetic Error are Andre Lachance (bass/vocals), Louis-Simon Bellerose(guitars/back vocals),and Stephane Desbiens(drums). They were formed over 30 years ago by original members Andre Lachance,Mario Prudhomme,Erik Lacroix(rip) and Marc-Andre Fortin (rip).They achieved some success in their home province of Quebec, as well as success in various international markets.

They released their first demo Toxic Planet in 1988 and have since released a demo:In search of power (1989),an album:Superficial(1995) They have also released a re-issue of Toxic Planet on vinyl (2016),and now are releasing an ep with 4 freshly made studio songs: 2 un-recorded songs from around 1996,a re-visited song from the 2nd demo(What if) ,a cover song (Razor’s Cross me Fool)and added to that various songs from the 1st demo and the album.

The band has mainly played in Canada since 1987;took a break from 1996 to 2015.The band played with other bands like Grimskunk,Groovy Aardvark,Barf,Razor,Soothsayer,Pro-Pain,Gorguts and God Dethroned.

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