Wednesday, April 22, 2020


1- Tell us who you are and what you’ve been up to in 2020 so far:

We are ¨KRANION”, a Mexican band of MONDO ROCK (a direct Rock without any taboos. It ranges from Rock to Pop-Rock fusing 80’s sounds, classic Rock and much more). We have the purpose to entertain and make consciousness. 

The band just tuned 3 years of playing together, with 2 released albums. From our second album, we already enjoy 2 official video-clips in YouTube (Brinca, Corre and La Procesión). And we have 2 new ones already in production process, so they will be available very soon! (Endless Rider and Digan lo que digan)

2- What plans have the virus changed for the band?

Our plans haven’t really changed yet, unless our participation in the Metal in the Mountain Festival. We still hope to be able to maintain a concert we have planned for the end of June. In the meantime we are making a lot of noise in social media’s. 

3- Do you think the virus in the big picture is help or hindrance for bands?

In our case, it is helping to develop our fan base, and make them more interactive. It’s a matter of choice. 

4- Are you doing live streams or special videos / releases for your fans stuck at home?

Yes we are making videos, we just had a production for a new video-Clíp, which material is helping us to make new publications every day. 

5- What are you doing in quarantine that would surprise people??

We use this time increasing our levels of consciousness, creativity and performance. 

6- What has been your mainstay music or Netflix?

Music definitely, some TV at night (before sex, jajajjaa)

7- Will you think differently about touring? And about groupies?

Definitely not, it’s not an issue for us. 

8- Do you know anyone personally affected?

Thankfully not

9- Do you think it’s more important to blame someone for the virus or to get it solved?

To get it solved with a positive mind and proactive attitude. 

10- Would you rather cover yourself with honey and throw yourself into a bees nest, or see your bassist naked?

We already are use to rehearse naked!! Jauja ja

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