Friday, April 3, 2020

10 Albums Wes J loves you probably hate #10

ReleasedFebruary 27, 1996
ProducerJay Rifkin
Goldfinger is the self-titled debut album by punk rock band Goldfinger, released on Mojo Records in February 1996 and produced by Mojo founder Jay Rifkin. The album was a hit on college radio.[2] The single "Here in Your Bedroom" was a top 5 rock hit in the U.S. in the summer of 1996, and also reached #47 on the Billboard Hot 100 Airplay chart, making it their highest charting single ever. The album was certified Gold in Canada (50,000 copies) in 2002.[3] It is the only album by the band not to be produced by frontman John Feldmann in any capacity.
Horns on the album are provided by members of other Southern California ska and ska punk bands, including trombonist Dan Regan and trumpeter Scott Klopfenstein of Reel Big Fish and saxophonist Efren Santana of Hepcat. Paul Hampton of The Skeletones provides keyboards on the album and is featured in the video for "Here In Your Bedroom". The cover for the album was drawn by Alan Forbes. It depicts a "big sex god alien chasing this little man, '50s style".
Although Goldfinger is a well-known album among the ska punk community, Feldmann doesn't consider it a work of that genre.
Yeah Yeah I know any true KVLT metal fan wants nothing to do with this bubblegum pop punk garbage. But chances are if you ever catch me in my car air drumming my ass off it verk likely is to this album! Dangerous Darrin Pfeiffer – drumsvocals lays down the perfect drum performance to me the snare sound is epic and though more cheesy than nachos at a high school football game John Feldmann – vocalsguitar writes excellent pop punk sap and to go with a classic drum performance the lead vocal on the hidden track " Chicken McNuggets are bad for you" well just tops this masterpiece off. I also would be amiss not to mention the Jackson guitar sound masterpiece off. I eat my McNuggets while listening to it all the time! 9.5/10

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