Tuesday, April 14, 2020


1.Tell us who you are with and what youve been up to in 2020 so far 
Dam Kel, vocalist of the extreme metal band Death Plague. So far this year (earlier this year) we were gearing up to break ground on interstate shows and start tracking for our album set to come out hopefully by August. Our Containment festival is on hold at the moment and our Outbreak shows had shut this country down. (Not really, but we were the last metal band to play before lock downs and closures) in this neck of the woods anyway. Pretty awesome to have a Outbreak just before it happened \M/

2.What plans have the virus changed for the band? 
Obviously we have postponed The Containment Festival, all Outbreaks are on hold and the prospect of touring is off the table for right this minute. However we are building behind the scenes to hit the road running as soon as we possibly can. So stay tuned in for our where abouts when that happens.

3.Do you think the virus in the big picture is help or hindrance for bands? 
Absolutely not. I think personally, the industry will bounce back just as quick as it died and possibly stronger. For to long now, the industry has been taken advantage of, so a break is good in some respects. Unfortunately some bands won’t last through it, same with promoters and venues but sometimes that needs to happen for new opportunities to come through. It’s a sad fact but that is how it mends in this game.

4.Are you doing live streams or special video’s / releases for your fans stuck at home 
Short answer... NO!!.. 

Not that I don’t want to connect with fans or give them something special during this time, it’s more to do with what I believe is right and wrong.

Personally I feel one of the biggest problems we face with live streams and social media are the fact that the sound quality just isn’t there, it doesn’t sound good, it’s horrible and disengaged from how it should be. Secondly is it’s become to convenient to just click and listen. Streams are only designed to make the platform money. It doesn’t pay the bands correctly at all and can be better defined and fair. Thirdly is the online streaming has opened up a platform for internet bands. They are not real bands. They don’t do live shows, they don’t tour, they do nothing and are generally just a guy using software and midi and patching to try and use an illusion that they are a band. It’s wasted resources. I understand that they are expressing themselves musically, but it shits me to no end when a so called band can’t even do what they are producing. Forthly is a live show should be personal. If you were not there, then you missed it. It’s not the same as watching. You have to feel it and be in it. So in relation to the question and my answer, I believe that live shows should maintain great vibes, sounds and being a part of the moment. They came to you, the least you can do is support that they are willing to show you a great night.

5.What are you doing in quarantine that would surprise people? 
I don’t think anything would surprise people as to what I’m doing during quarantine. I’m getting creative and being my usual arsehole self. Planning the album and revisiting all aspects of everything. I’m always 1000 percent focused and pushing not just myself but the other members. I feel bad but someone needs to be the prick. More then happy to fill those shoes. They know I love them. They are great mates aswell. 

6.What has been your mainstay music or netflix ? 
Music, always fun to write new riffs or vocals or even marketing materials. Always planning, never a dull moment when you are working on musical ideas.

7.Will you think differently about touring? And about groupies? 
I say bring it on!! Touring is something that really throws all those thoughts out the window. I’d rather tour during a virus then record an album. To many people are afraid of the what if factors. It will be what it will be.

8.Do you know anyone personally affected? 
I do, however I don’t really like that person, so I really don’t think about them or how it is impacting. I’m sure it would be the same feelings if I had it. So life goes on and sometimes it doesn’t. Just can’t let it bring you down. 

9.Do you think its more important to blame someone for the virus or to get it solved 
Can’t really be solved or blamed. I mean people will try because that’s human nature, I think this virus has done more good around the globe instead of bad. So if they want to blame go for it, if they want to cure then go for it. It’s just fortunate that nature will do what it wants to do with the elements even if it’s man made or not. Nature will put it on a path. 

10.Last question would you rather cover yourself in honey and throw yourself into a bees nest  
Or see your bassist naked? 
Probably the first option, but you may want to add a shit load more to the description. Chris would love to be naked, don’t get me wrong, but there is a time and place. Maybe at live shows. 

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