Sunday, April 26, 2020

Interview with / House of Pain with Boy Pain

House of Pain with Boy Pain on

How long have you been on the air? Just over 2 years (Oct 2017)

Can you describe your first broadcast? 
 Terrible, having never been on air or how  to talk to the listener  even though there is no face to face was difficult and playing with the audio equipment and use was an eye opener hopefully now I have my Radio patter down.......(definitely have the face for it)

What's your favourite part of hosting a radio show? 

 I get to play music I want to hear ,hope that other want to hear and listen to without  many interruptions, or management control (as most mainstream radio shows are held to) and the biggest buzz is giving  the Underground unsigned artists a platform to give their music to the wider community.

Can you tell us about some bands that you have played as "underground" that went really big?  

The List is numerous (over 300   Underground bands aired on the show so far and in rotation), the list is huge and a difficult question as how do you determine ‘Big’  But some of the bands that have made the biggest impact on the scene for me Oath of Damnation, Final Coil, Dark Temple, Overt Enemy, Unholy Desecration, Scarlett O’Hara, Runescarred, Violent Gin, Infinte Sin, Corners of Sanctuary, Immortal Syn, to name but a mere few.

What are you looking for in new music? 

 Something that grabs me by the balls, and makes   me want more

What's your average audience? 

 Actually not sure definitely me though.

What's your plans for the future? 

 Make the show bigger, get syndicated  and become a full time Radio DJ, this has given me a fire in the belly and I want more, I love Music, I love Metal and to do this as a day job is perfect.

Can you describe to us your relationship with Wes of Metal Coffee PR? 
 Wes and Metal Coffee was the first PR company that agreed to help and submit music to me after a lot of rejections. he has given me a hell of a lot of sound advice and consider him to be a metal brother, the man is a legend \m/ \m/ ( In my own mind* Wes J )

Can you tell us a funny / interesting story about your radio station? 

Its a weird mix and dynamic at the Station as we are a community station, so people from all walks of life. There are not many stories to be told most people stay away from me through fear or maybe disgust, I guess a bald headed moustache wearing tattoo covered man with a wry smile is intimidating... or they don’t like me lol. 

How do bands submit their music to you for airplay? As simple as either DM’ing through Facebook: or sending mp3s and EPK direct to me at and lest get you some air time love \m/ \m/

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