Tuesday, October 13, 2020



The Metal Times
Christian Wilson, Obsidian Rose Entertainment
Band Review #3
Band: Kindly Shut Up
Tracks: In my eyes, Through my mind and out my mouth/ Drunken Disaster

Kindly Shut up is a punk/metal duo hailing from South west Florida, comprised of members Rich (drums) and Paul (guitars) with both members also splitting the vocals. I was able to listen to a few different tracks but the two I chose to review really stood out to me. It is fair to say that a good chunk of their sound can be described as a blend of hardcore and crossover. In the tracks chosen to be reviewed, especially in their song " In my eyes, through my mind and out my mouth", you hear influences from great national bands such as Power Trip, Cancer Slug, and Hatebreed just to name a few bands to give you an idea of what you'll hear when you listen to these guys. The transitioning in their songs and the progression through each track is clearly defined and although they are just duo, it'll sound like you're hearing a full band as they do a really good job of filling out that sound. The songs are structured very well and don't seem to drag at all which is great to hear. With tempo changes throughout and some pretty nice breakdowns, they constantly grab your attention and leave you wanting. Something really special that needs to be addressed with them is that on top of the very obvious (wether intentional or not) hardcore and crossover influence, they are also able to keep a very upbeat punk kinda sound blended in there. It's not always so prominent, however when it is noticable, it makes it's presence known and it carries well 

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