Monday, June 1, 2020


1.Why Bass?

For me i was drawn to the rich deep sound of the instrument.  I also felt like the instrument matched my personality more than guitar would.
2.Do you think it is unfair or just lack of knowledge bass gets so little credit?

I do think its unfair but the roles of bass and guitar in a band are different but since guitar is more in the forefront i think people gravitate toward guitar more.

3.What kind of bass do you use? Model , color , year , And why

I play an Ibanez BTB675 that I modded with passive pickups.  I also have a BC Rich Beast bass from the 90's with active pickups.

4.Tell us about your amplification

Right now I play though a Peavey Sub150 300watt bass combo.

5. With all of that being said do you feel tone is an important thing for bass?

it definitely is.  depending on what genre you are playing you might need a different tone than you would with another genre and knowing which tone you need and when is also very important.

6.Do you prefer 5 strings over 4 string?

Mostly 5 string since I like to tune down but I have nothing against 4 string basses.

7.Who is your favorite bassist?

Hard to say but I really love Reita from this Japanese band called The Gazette.  He is very skilled and plays a mean slap bass.

8. Who is your least favorite bassist?

Impossible to say considering i don't really judge other people playing in that way.

9.Why do you think women seem to be attracted to playing bass?

Because bassists know how to use their fingers.
10. What bassist dead or alive would you like a private lesson with?

Ryan Martini from Mudvayne.  He's an insane bassist.

11. Bonus question

Bobby Doll , Nikki Sixx , Les Claypool , Billy Sheehan which is more ridiculous and why
Probably Les because his band is very bass-driven and quirky sounding.

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