Friday, June 5, 2020

NEW! VOKILLS SINGER INTERVIEW : Marco Feltrin / The Risen Dread

1.Please introduce yourself and tell us who you sing for?

Marco Feltrin, I’m the lead singer of The Risen Dread

2.What / Who made you want to sing?

My uncle showed me the cassette tape Roots from Sepultura when I was 10yo, and I found that guttural noise very interesting.

3.Who was the first singer you saw live that gave you chills?

Bruce Dickinson, Dance of Death tour.

4.Many people say heavy music is just screaming, How would you combat that statement?

I would say the technique to sing extreme metal properly is as challenging or even more complex than any other kind of music; I also try to make sure our lyrics have some meaning and tells a story at the same time.

5.If you growl or do harsh vocals how do you keep your voice after such violent performances?

Give your voice some rest after performing is key; most of the singers lose their voice when they are talking (yelling) at people after the gig.

6. Do you have a warm up routine? Tell u bout it?
Yes, I do breathing exercises daily, and I have some warm-up I do on the day of the gig, mostly includes some weird vocalizations and embarrassing facial expressions :D

7. Do you think power or performance is more important?

I think a combination of both; it bothers me when I see a frontman in a metal band that stays static at the stage during the whole gig, a good singer should be the personification of the lyrics they perform.

8. Who do you think gets unfair vocal praise, someone the world thinks is great but is not? / And who is great but does not get the credit?

Tobias Forge from Ghost is overrated; for me he sounds like a bad (really bad) version of King Diamond. 
I think Joey Belladonna doesn't get enough credit, not only for the voice but for his performance, he genuinely loves to be on stage and have fun.

9.Name your top 5 vocalist
1 - Dio
2 - Bruce Dickinson
3 - Chuck Schuldiner 
4 - Mikael Åkerfeldt
5 -Phil Anselmo 

10.Micheal Buble or Jim Gallette? Just testing your skills here

Jim Gillette makes me laugh :D, I don’t know the other fella 

11.Who do you love to listen to that would surprise people?

Elvis, although that should be mandatory for everyone to listen.  

12.If you could remove the autotune from any singer who would it be?

No singer should use autotune 

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