Sunday, June 14, 2020

NEW ALBUM INTERVIEW : Greg from Age of Fire

1.Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Grinder! You have a new album out, Tell us about it!

Hey everyone! This is Greg from Age of Fire and we are super excited to tell you that our latest CD “Shades of Shadow” hit the streets and digital airwaves on February 18th of this year. The last 2 years have been incredible with a remastered release of material from the 80s early 2018, to “Obsidian Dreams” out in late 2018 and everything culminating into this release. After taking a break and focusing on other genres of music for many years it feels like I’m coming back home to my metal roots and the response has been overwhelming. We can’t thank everyone enough for the support!

2.Where was it recorded? Is all the material new?

The majority of it was recorded at Soundwave Recording Studios right in our hometown in Charlottesville. Some of it was recorded at my studio and Arnaud and Steve (guest drummers on a couple tracks) recorded their tracks at their home studios. Most of the material is new, Judgement Day and Crystal Ball were both on Obsidian Dreams but with me singing. Once Laura signed on for this release we re-recorded those 2 songs but with her on vocals. She kills it! There are also a couple tracks there were on my solo instrumental discs but I felt they fit under the umbrella for this disc.    

3.What is the biggest difference between your last release and the new one?

This biggest difference in this disc is Mike Heck and Laura Viglione signing on in middle of production. I’ve known both for many years Mike is a drummer, bass player, singer, guitar player and recording whiz. He recorded most of the tracks except what was mentioned before and did bass and drums on most as well, not to mention mix and master. It has been great working with him and he had a huge contribution. I’ve wanted to work with Laura for many years, I love her voice. She is an extremely talented vocalist. Everything lined up with this disc and the result was beyond expectations. 

4.Are you signed to a label? , If so which one and how did they help or support the process?

We are signed to Sliptrick Records. This is our first release with them. Wes the “Metal Moose” from Metal Coffee PR was the one who got us in touch with them. He has been a powerful ally for us around the world. Seriously, he has gotten us on radio stations and in magazines around the globe. It’s been great knowing he is out there advocating for us so we can just focus on making music. Sometimes the biz part can get too heavy and distracting. 

5.What has been going on with the band between albums? Did you tour?

Like I said, “Shades of Shadow” came out in the end of February. The first week of March I was in Europe celebrating my 50th birthday and we were to start rehearsals for shows when I returned in support of new disc then everything shut down due to the Corona virus. It’s been greatly disappointing to say the least but we are eager to go out and play as soon as we are able. 

6.Do you have any new members?

Mike Heck played bass and drums and Laura Viglione is the new vocalist. Both came on mid-production of this new disc and can’t wait to write and work with them further on more releases. Mike will be playing drums on stage and we are still in process of confirming a bass player.  

7.Who produced the new album and how did they effect the album?

We produced the album together which was great. On Obsidian Dreams, I kinda juggle everything. I had music I wanted to get out to the world and did what I needed to to make that happen. It was great to bounce ideas off of Mike and Laura. I’ve been a solo artist for so long, I missed the collaboration process of being in a band. You can hear the effects from this release and previous. 

8.Some like to record naked or in the dark with candles, did you have any strange studio practices?

Can’t say I have any really. Might have to try a few of those. Honestly, when I get in the studio, I go into work mode and work as hard as possible to record the music and fulfill the vision of what we hear and capture that. 

9.Of course tell us where to pick up your album and how to learn more about you.

You can stream all of our releases on Amazon, iTunes and most platforms. You can purchase online at iTunes or through us direct at, we also have t-shirts as well. Our web and Facebook pages are probably the best places to see what’s going on with us.

10.What is your plans now that the new album is out?
Since everything has been shut down due to virus, we have been working on other projects and writing new Age of Fire tracks as well. Mike and Laura are in another band together and they hope to finish their first EP this Summer. I’m also an active classical guitar player and recorded a new CD yesterday of all Italian music, entitled “Italia” That should be out by the end of Summer as well. I’ve had some time to finish some composition too. I just finished a few guitar quartet pieces and a work for solo classical guitar. All my sheet music can be found at Les Productions D’Oz and J.W, Pepper.  So we are definitely keeping busy. Thank you so much for letting me blab for awhile! We hope to see everyone soon and as always, thanks to everyone for your support and encouragement!!!

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