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On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the Canadian band AXMINISTER by Jeremy Amack

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the Canadian band AXMINISTER..

We'll get started with our normal interview:


All songs are in D standard 

Major accomplishments?

From Nick..

I think our greatest accomplishment is the fact that we're still doing this so many years later and have absolutely no desire to ever stop. 


Next plan is record an ep and release on vinyl.
Side 1 is a 15 minute epic on Napoleon Bonaparte 
Side 2 is Vlad the Impaler pt.1 & pt.2

Our guests this week are:

Allyson Kingsley 
Staff writer and music journalist at An Old School Album Review 


Betray Everything 

Album review by Allyson Kingsley music journalist 

  AxMinister is a band that I was introduced to several months ago as I did a review of their album, The Crucible of Sin. They hail from Canada and if you open your ears you will hear alot of amazing metal bands of many subgenres  from our neighbors of the north. AxMinister is described as a theatrical thrash metal band and they are from Toronto. Genre descriptions aside, these guys have an immense sound and each musician is distinctly talented. I'm invited and honored  to do a review/revisit of 2015's Betray Everything. 

    We begin the album with the battle beats of opener "Gears of An Empire" and it feels as though it is a nod to the speed metal of the 80s. The beats are brisk and the vocals promote power and energy as such is what you need for a battle type song. "Gods of the Sea" slays with some chugging riffs and then its just this phenomenal wailing flair and flurry of fretwork. Kinda gives me a hankering for a bottle of rum and my own ship to steer to port. We get to see bits of their humor interposed in "Betray Everything " and "Arnold Schwarzenegger". It keeps the mood light for sure.

   When I dig into "Chalice of Stillness" some of the rhythms remind me of when I first heard Manowar do "Flight of the Bumblebee". Very chaotic and potent patterns make this an enjoyment. I dig the innuendos in "Marauding Calamity" as they bring up the lies inherent when politicians take their oaths. We all know not a one of them follow the oaths. All politics aside the riffs are phenomenal. We finalize with closing song "Suicide Pact with the Devil" and as we know since the dawn of rock n' roll, musicians have been making pacts with Old Scratch and we have read/seen the consequences. Revisiting this album has been a real treat and definitely a great break from the ills of the current world.

Erick Draven of Misanthropic Records and Misanthropic Torment

Hello I'm Erick Leviathan from Misanthropik Records, Misanthropik Torment and the EAT SLEEP AND BREATHE METAL SHOW. 
 I was asked to review the Axminister album Betray Everything, by my colleague Jeremy Amack from Musical Chairs. 
 This album kicks right into high gear, taking its listeners into battle and patriot mode.
The signature changes along with the lyrical content is most appealing to the ear. 
I recomend anyone to give this album a listen.
 With that as I always say 

Jeremy Amack 
The Band Repent
Musical Chairs 

I chose 3 songs off the album Betray Everything let's check those out first:


Ok I like the way this starts out..
Very good guitar riffs..
Tom Araya type of vocals..
Cradle of Filth sounding backing vocals..
Super crunchy drums..
Absolute great timing..


I chose this song because the name made me curious..
Has a ska/punk sound to it..
Fun lyrics..
Serious uptick in power towards the middle..
Technically sound..
Over quickly but still a catchy jam.


Immediate impact with hammering riffs and Slayer like vocals..
Really amazing Groove riff..
Very unique song..
Has a creepy part towards the end that I enjoyed..
Smooth guitar tone in the solo..
Great backing vocals..
Loved the voice chorus.

I also selected two LIVE songs to feature here let's get to the review on those:


At over 12 minutes the song clocks in for the job..
I'm reminded of Tenacious D..
Really tight as a three piece band..
Rhythm Section is precise..
Really amazing guitar work on that Zakk Wylde Gibson..
Several Tempo changes..
Stage presence is good..
Very busy song has many parts but it's really good as a story.


Really good bass solo to start off the song..
Stage costumes are awesome..
Unique sound on this song as well everything comes together with amazing guitar work.

Overall I really enjoy AXMINISTER I've heard a lot of their stuff before.
This was fun material to review and really good friends to me as well.

For all things AXMINISTER please follow them here:

by Jeremy Amack

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