Sunday, June 21, 2020

Rainman's Interview with MCPR Jeremy Amack

1.) How long have you been on the air?
Can you describe your first broadcast. 

I've Been The Heavy Metal Rainman As An On Air Personality And Promoter And Graphic Artist For The Last 4 1/2 First With Licking County Metal Heads And For A Year Now Independent On My Own Since My Departure From LCMH, My First Broadcast Was A Pilot Episode For The Metal Heads Weekly Podcast I Used To Produce And The Pilot And First Few Episodes I Would Pre-Tape My Spots And Then Later I Would Produce As A Live Stream That Would And Still Airs Every Friday At 9pm On The Licking County Metal Heads YouTube Channel.

2.) What's your favorite part of hosting a radio show?

Delivering Information About Bands And Album Releases That Think The Listener Would Really Really And Support, And Hopefully Creating New Fans For The Bands I'm Promoting.

3.) Can you tell us about some bands that you have played as "underground" that went really big?


4.) What are you looking for in new music?

I Look For Unique And Well Written Arrangements That I Feel A Large Fan Base Would Be Generated By.

5.) What's your average audience?

I Would Say My Audience Is Not Average At All As I Feel My Audience Is Built Of Every Kind Of Music Fan, From Young To Old And Span From Here Locally In Central Ohio To States Across The Country And Countries From All Around The World.

6.) What's your plans for the future? 

Steadily Keep Growing As A Voice For The Unknown Artists, And Branch Out Into Producing And Creating Music Videos And Performance Videography For Bands Near And Far, I've Already Been Building My Library Of Custom Music Videos You Can Stream Already On The Heavy Metal Rainman YouTube Channel.

7.) Can you describe to us your relationship with Wes of Metal Coffee PR?
*I will fill this in for the rainman. Wes J is a badass mfr who can eat more tacos and bacon than anyone ive ever met.

8.) Can you tell us a funny / interesting story about your radio station?

Well One Thing That Comes To Mind Is My Public Persona "Heavy Metal Rainman" I Got The Name Based On My Vast And Extensive Musical Knowledge And Fact Based Driven Drive That Compells Me To Do What I Do, And It's A Take On The Rainman Character Dustin Hoffman Played In The 1988 Film.

9.) What was it like for us to interview you?

In our experience,  a lot of radio DJ's have said this is the first time that's ever happened. 

This Is My 2nd Or 3rd Interview And I Must Say It's The Highlights Of My Career In The Industry And It's Treasure I'll Keep Forever To Say The Least.

10.)  How do bands submit their music to you for airplay?

They Can Email Their EPK To:

~Heavy Metal Rainman~

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