Friday, June 5, 2020


1.Introduce yourself and your band and tell us why we should listen to you. 

I’m William, guitarist and former member of an Irish band called The Risen Dread.

2.What do you classify your sound as, Who do you tell people you sound like? 

I usually classify our sound as Metal. We’re a mix of our influences like Lamb of God, In Flames, Parkway Drive and so on. We mix our ideas and personal influences into our songs
Our EP has 3 songs and all of them are different. 

3.With digital music in today's world would you vote to keep or eliminate physical media? 
I’d keep physical media. There’re a lot of people who buy CDs. Of course, not as many as it used to be. But I’d keep it. I personally don’t any physical media anymore. I remember I used to have Napalm Death (Fear, Emptiness, Despair) and Monstrosity (Imperial Doom) vinyl and lots of CDs. I gave some of them to my friends. 

4.What is the reason you decided to be a musician and has that reason paid off? 

I was very influenced by my cousins as some of them play acoustic guitar. That’s how I started. I joined my first band in 2002 and I always wanted to play in big places. I remember when we played for over 1.5K people, it felt really good.
18 years have passed since then. I’m a different guy now and all I want to play with The Risen Dread as much as we can. It doesn’t really matter where.
It paid off. Not with money… I never made money with any of the bands. I think as long as you enjoy what you play and create your music with people you enjoy to be with. It’s all worth it.

5.How do you feel about females in metal getting special attention? Do you feel it is fair? 

I don’t think anyone should get special attention based on their gender. Everyone should be treated equally. I don’t think any band would become bigger just because of a special attention they may have received. People will or will not like your music as simple as that. In general, women are treated different than men. In a bad way. They deserve be treated as any other men band. I’ve heard really bad things from a female band when they were on tour. Unfortunately, some men don’t wanna see women succeed. 

6.In the world climate with hatred being at an all time high and metal being an “angry” music Do you think your music contributes to anger and hatred? 
No, I don’t. I don’t believe that “angry” music makes angry people. People are the way they’re regardless the music they listen to.

7.Are you opposed to religious beliefs or politics being used in music? 

No, I’m not. I think you can talk about whatever you want in your music. Music is where you can express yourself. At the end of the day, people will choose to like it or not.

8.We have dive into some pretty deep issues here do you think your music sends a message and if so what is it? 

I think it does. The way our lyrics are written. Our lyrics always have something about mental illness. What could be the trigger for some people to do bad things.

9.The market has changed and many bands believe that record labels are a thing of the past, with many labels now charging bands to “sign” how do you think a band can make it in todays scene? 

I think it comes down to the offer a band’s getting from a label. Labels won’t go anywhere, I think! However, Spotify’s started stepping into label business. Joe Rogan just signed a deal with Spotify to have his podcast exclusivity on Spotify platform. Spotify may offer the same kind of deal to a band. That’s when labels will start being in real trouble. Spotify has a percentage of the streaming market. They can definitely mess with labels’ future.
10.Why with the thousands of options including netflix , sporting events everything on demand 

Why do you think people should take the time to listen to what you have to say in your music? 

People have so many options to choose what to listen to. There’s no particular reason why they should listen to The Risen Dread. If you like metal and want to try to listen to something different from what you’ve been listening to. We can be one of the options! The only thing I ask is: If you’re going to listen to something new, regardless if it’s The Risen Dread or not. Have a listen a couple of times. Feel music… I usually listen to a band 3 times before I make my mind up. Even if it’s a band that I really like, I have to listen to them at least 3 times when they release something new. Otherwise, I won’t know if I like or not.

11.How do you feel about pay to play? Do you think it is fair for a band to have to pay money to play? 
Pay a local promoter to play a gig. No, I don’t think it’s fair at all!!! 

Bands work so hard and spend so much money already.  

12.It is fact that you are the talent and the entertainment explain what you think is the most important key to success? 
It depends what success means to each one. But I think one important key is commitment. You’ve got to commit yourself to learn your instrument, be with the band to practice at least twice a week and understand how the music business works and where/how it’s changing every single year. At least one person from the band must be responsible to work on the management side of things.
13.In country music and even in some cases rock music is written and performed by different people would your band perform a song written by someone else? 

Yes, I don’t see any problem with that. As long as you have the rights to do it.

14.If you are pro female in music are you pro using sex to sell your music? 

I think this is two different topics. I’m pro anyone in music regardless their gender. 
People do crazy things every day, using sex to sell your music could be one of the options that a musician can use. 

We wouldn’t do that for sure. But I don’t’ see any problem if other musician uses that. It’s their career.

15.What is your view on the lawsuits against people saying lewd or unprofessional things to women or men and how does that affect an art described as sex drugs and rock n roll? 

I think people have the rights to say what they want to say. But they also must be capable of dealing with the consequences that come with it. Don’t expect to hit and not get hit back. People think they can say or do whatever they want to anyone on Internet and It’ll all be cool.
Why someone has to be disrespectful to another person? I’ll never get that.
If you feel personal attacked by someone. You have the rights to go a court and I do second that.

16. Ok lets lighten up a bit. What is your favourite band of all time and why? 

My favourite band is Blind Guardian. This usually shocks people ha ha ha
I come from a very Heavy Metal background and Blind Guardian has become my favourite band since I was 18 or 19. Of course they have album that I don’t’ like, but I’d attend to their gig if they play in Dublin every year. 😊 

17.What would you be doing if you were not in a band? 

I really don’t know… apart having a job. Which I still have. I think I’d be most of time at home with my family. I don’t see myself doing anything else.

18. Do you have a favorite sports team? 

Yes, I do. As most of Brazilian I like soccer. I’m a big fan of Sao Paulo team.

19.If you could get on stage with anyone dead or alive who would it be? 

Well, I never thought about that. I’d say Bruce Dickinson.

20.This is your shot to let loose, Throw down your biggest complaint about the music biz 

I think music business is very close. They expect so much from musician and most of us don’t make enough to have music as our main income. Thus, we end up having less time to commit ourselves to elevate our music skills to another level.

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