Sunday, June 28, 2020

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the South Carolina band ReDefind

On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the South Carolina band ReDefind.

We interviewed the band prior to this publication here's what they had to say:

Tunings? Drop A 

Bands you have played with?
 We have played with tons of talented bands. From amazing local talent to Mushroomhead, Soulfly, Islander 

Major accomplishments? 
We have released a new ep and two music videos this year. Continue to grow even with the bastard that is Covid

Plans for the future?
 To keep pushing forward. Recording a new ep in the fall. 

Funny/ weird story about your band?
 Our first road trip with Jordan. We played some shows in Florida. Our on the road merch guy Miguel (who suffers from sleep walking) was drinking some forties after a show. He and our head roadie Andrew was chatting and being goofs while the rest of us caught some zzz’s. Andrew and Miguel FINALLY fall asleep....until Miguel decides to hit Andrew square in the nuts. While they are both asleep. Andrew wakes up cussing and goes out of the bus and gets into the drivers seat to go back to sleep. Miguel who is now in full sleep walking mode decides to follow Andrew. Miguel taps the window as if he’s some sorta of sleep walking police waits for Andrew to roll down the window. Andrew does so and Miguel tries to hit Andrew in the balls AGAIN! Andrew doesn’t let him get him this time. Miguel goes back to sleep as if nothing happened.

Here's our guest panel this week:

Garrett Sharpnack 
Triangulum Peace 

With the shadows of tomorrow ever looming on us all, there is a strength. A virtual reminder distinguishes the heavy scene as much as the sheer 'Thunder' of extremely dedicated group

And extensively as they are such a powerful and wondrous musical group that their impression is left permanently with their amazing song "Let's Party"

Every singular yet autonomous chord progression withheld sheer chord strength and visibility for classy and electric might. This is the generation of music that displays such accomplished and dedicated bands such as REDEFINED to become the forebears of many beautiful and very successful inspired generations to come. 

The soothing tones of melodic unison from this very advancing and popular group achieve purest chorus success. REDEFINED syncs extremely well together in their album LET'S PARTY. 

I have much faith in this band as their exceeding excellence continues to reach a worthy genius core audience. 

I myself personally felt flattered to be given the chance to try immediately after listening to heavy core "Step Up" and realizing yet again that this is the ultimate perfect scene for music, aggressive and felt. 

I highly recommend this band, Redefind. 10/10 on my own Richter awesome scale. Thanks!

Allyson Kingsley 
Staff member and music journalist for An Old School Album Review and MCPR 


"Let's Party"

Song review by Allyson Kingsley, music journalist


  Unless, you have been living under a rock for the last six months, it is a crazy roller coaster ride of a world out there. Sometimes you need a little something to help you let loose. "Let's Party" by the South Carolina based metal band Redefind ushers in that good-time feeling.  With a force, energy and rhythm that begs for you to move, this could well be the anthem for the Gen X and Millennial folks who are trying to push that boulder up the mountain.  It's a song that encourages the capture of a few moments of debauchery that we all need and crave as singer Jordan Caparell  extols us to "party until we fucking die". Certainly words that the hedonist crowd can relate to. With phenomenal drumming by Dustan Snow and bass shredding by Drew Porter, the rhythm of the song is almost tribal. And finally Drucipher holds it all together with his ferocious fretwork. Great song to blast to,  just for a few minutes,  forget how sour life has become out in the world. Horns up!

And our first ever reaction video thanks to Glenn Garrison!!!

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