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On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're talking to POWERHOUSE out of Albuquerque New Mexico.

I gotta say I've been looking forward to this one for quite a while now..
I'm a thrash metal guy and these guys are representing that genre very well !!!
Just a complete masterpiece from top to bottom..

Here's the interview:


All of our songs are written in E standard except for Crush ‘Em (Off of 2017 Adrenaline EP) Which was D# or Eb!

Bands you have played with?
Act Of Defiance, Farewell My Love, Eyes Set To Kill, Ninja Gandhi, Railgun, HyperFyre, Toxin, X-Method, Hatchet, Exmortus! 

Major Accomplishments? 

•Releasing our very first EP “Adrenaline” in 2017, less than a year after we formed. Selling out of ALL physical copies.

Being able to pull 250 people in an all local show on a weekday.
Ranking 31st on Combat Records “Band To Band Combat” contest.
Being on numerous metal compilation CDs 
The success of our latest single (2019) “The Patriot”, being picked up by numerous online radio stations. 

Plans for the future?

Relocate out of state in 2021, and grow our base! Record our first full-length album, and go on our first tour. Meet new people, gain new friends, and be inspired to write new music. 

Funny Weird story about your band?

A great funny story is how our song “Trigger Warning” came about. The title of the song, was originally a joke we came up with due to everything we’ve seen in current culture. The name stuck, and when we played it live for the first time, most people responded greatly but a small amount of faces were puckered and they left the show! Haha

Our guests this week include:

Dam Kel - DEATH PLAGUE  - Australia

Whirlwind- absolutely loaded up with great riffs and fun grooves, powerhouse bring the musical elements to life and let the instruments sing for themselves, awesome power with step patterns and tech driven solo section. The dynamics of the track itself is one of complicated fury as it powers through the emotions. Drums keeping it all sealed in tight like a package from hell. Absolutely enjoyed listening and love the creative process that has gone into this whirlwind of sic instrumental chaos.

Charlie Zeigler  - THE MILITANTS - AGGRESSIVE RECORDS- California 

Powerhouse is a way cool band that is for sure keeping the late 70's & early 80's thrash speed movement
in true form and tradition.This 5 song EP " Adrenaline " is performed very well with catchy hooks in the songs.
Powerhouse definitely have their game on!The rhythm guitar have that classic crunch and the bass and drums are holding that killer tone and sound and work very well together.A tight rhythm section.The Lead solos 
are off the hook and composed very well with a great clean heavy tone that is capturing in every way.
The recording is also is good and shines through with every detail.
Highly to recommend for your metal music collection.
Welcome into the Powerhouse.

Charlie Zeigler
CEO : Aggressive Records


POWERHOUSE, now here's a band that kicks ass and lives up to its name. I've followed this band from New Mexico since its inception in 2016. And as a lover of Thrash, I've been hooked. The two singles, and the EP that's been released since is a wild, aggressive take on Thrash metal with bits that make the band stand out musically. They were looking to add a fresh taste to their Thrash roots, and in their own way I'm convinced they've achieved it. 

My top 3 favourites from POWERHOUSE so far:

Whirlwind (single): This here is a great introduction to the band. An instrumental track, it's an absolute menace. Blitzing guitars, choppy rhythms, and drums that hit your bones, it's a statement defining the band and what it stands for. It's filled with energy, played with heart, and oozes with power. A great mission statement.
Crush 'Em: An absolute crowd favourite. Definitely my favorite POWERHOUSE song from the Adrenaline EP, this song is 5 minutes of balls out attitude and ferocity. If you're feeling low, I suggest you play this song. I'm certain, in a matter of minutes you'll be ready to Crush 'Em! The lyrics and vocals are stellar, blood pumping, and riffs that could make a dead guy headbang. The composition and arrangement is another aspect that the band has absolutely nailed with this song. Just wait till you hear the solo!
Trigger Warning: A super aggressive song, with a title that cautions the listener beforehand of the rollercoaster that awaits. No spoilers for this one. Be ready for come what may, you've been trigger WARNED!

One can sense they've put effort and a lot of heart in the song writing, and the band's solid sense of the musical pallette is going to take this band to great heights one day. Also today is their bassist Nate's birthday, so here's wishing you a Happy Birthday and a great fuckin year ahead, and best of luck in the future for the entire band. More POWER to you!



Thrash metal is still alive and represented well here..
Nice solid groove..
Good lyrics..
Recorded well..
SIC AF solo!!!
Precise picking..
Good vocal harmony..
Ends well..

WHIRLWIND  - (instrumental)

Speed picking at its best..
I'm reminded of Metallica a lot here..
The bass lines are prominent..
Snare keeps time well..
I like the palm mutes they're well-placed.
Great guitar harmonics..
A Supreme four and a half minutes..
The title of the song fits this well..


Sounds like an approaching Army..
Very crafted pick attacks..
Awesome cymbal work..
The bass is just stomping using the clean tone that provides a solid bottom line..
Vocals are really good and the lyrics to..
Seasoned musicians..
Another awesome solo with great fretboard work..
Comes back into the riffs and verses really well..


Instantly my favorite song..
Reminds me a lot of Megadeth..
Just pure guitar-driven thrash metal, solid guitar work and a fantastic solo..
The song Just kicks major ass I can't say much else about it..
Where'd that surprising bassline come from?
This is like two songs in one..
Appropriate song for today's world..


This one is a hundred miles an hour and reminds me of aAnthrax..
Really good vocals..
Lots of Kirk Hammett in that solo, really really good..
Drums are blasting in the second part of the song..
This is a really good song..


Oh the mind of a guitar player!!!
I'd like to see them play this live with the backing vocals..
The song also seems to be in two parts and both are extremely good..
Just a riff sandwich.. annnd a drum solo!!!
Finishes in fire..


Yep that's how you start a song!!!
These guys replicate the old school thrash metal sound very well..

Bottom line this is one of the best thrash metal bands I've heard in a long time especially with them being so young..
I was looking forward to this album and it didn't disappoint me..
I see a lot of major things happening for this band very soon..
Just a pleasure to hear this I'll definitely be adding it into my rotations.

For all things POWERHOUSE please follow them here:

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