Monday, September 21, 2020

TATTOO U : Mizzkinz


1. First off thank you for taking the time to speak to the metal times.

please tell us your name and what you do for a living. 

My name is Jenny (mizzkinz on Instagram). I work with business improvement through IT for a retail company here in Sweden – that means I’m an office rat.

2. So obviously this is an interview regarding tattoos, let's talk about your art and why it is important to you.

Well, I believe tattoos are a way of expressing yourself as well as making you feel more comfortable in your own skin. I’ve quite recently added a lot of ink to be honest. I’ve got my first tattoo when I was 19 and I got a few here and there done during a long period of time. However, during the last two years, I’ve done full sleeves, a back piece, and covered most of my right leg.

Like most people say, tattoos are kinda like a drug, it’s hard not to add a new one. I feel more “complete” the more tattoos I get and I also feel more comfortable with my body. I think they add to my personality as well as making me feel more confident and happy. Before, for instance, I wasn’t very happy with my arms and legs, but I now feel a lot better about my body which also affects my mood and confidence in a positive way and I think that shows. I decided on going with black and gray at first but recently got a lot of colored tattoos as well.

3. What made you want to get a tattoo? And how many people told you not to do it? And did it make you think twice?

I’ve always liked them. I guess as being part of the metal scene/community it kinda comes with the territory. I think it’s a cool and beautiful way of expressing yourself. My parents never really liked my tattoos and they’ve always advised me not to get them, but I think they’ve kinda given up on trying to change my mind now. I kept hearing from people how I’ll look horrible when I get older….

But I don’t want to be one of those people who keep “thinking about getting a tattoo” for years and then never end up getting one (and then spend years regretting NOT getting one). Maybe it won’t look amazing when I’m older, but who knows – I might not get old and as far as I know – wrinkled skin without tattoos doesn’t really look that great either so…. meanwhile, I figured I might as well be happy about the way I look now. I have placed all my tattoos so I can cover them up if I want to though. There are times when I don’t want them to show and I like to have that option. I’ll probably never get tattoos on my neck, face or hands.

5. What was your first piece? how did you pick it out and was it done professionally(where) or underground? (where)

Like I mentioned, I got my first tattoo done when I was 19. I was visiting Canada and got it done over there in a professional studio. It was, of course, a so-called tramp stamp (lower back tattoo) – it was like one of the coolest things you could get back then (along with tribal tattoos). I still like that tattoo, to be honest, it’s a bat. I’ve seen worse lower back tattoos!

I remember I also got a really ugly looking dragon on the back of my neck during a school lunch break. I wanted to get another kind of motive but I was missing like100SEK (about 10 dollars) so stupid me ended up getting that. Luckily I’ve now covered it up with a beautiful sea horse. I also let a friend practice his tattooing skills on my ankle/foot, I got an ant made. Don’t ask me why I have no idea….but it’s still there and it’s cute.

6.were you scared about the pain or the consequences more?

Never been scared of the pain really, it’s not THAT bad and there is no way I’d let that stop me from getting a new piece. I usually go for 5-6h sessions, I think the longest tattoo session was 7 hours.

When I was younger, I was a little scared of the consequences, people can be very judgmental and narrow-minded when it comes to tattoos. For instance, I got my Nightmare before Christmas sleeve done before I turned 24. I really love that movie I wanted a full sleeve so badly, but I was scared it would be hard for me to find a good job if it was showing so I made it a ¾ sleeve. I made it a full one a few years ago though. I’m confident in myself and don’t really worry about these things anymore. I think tattoos are so common here in Sweden these days people don’t really care. 

7. How has your art hurt or helped your career or has it hindered anything that made you wish you didn’t have it?

I’d like to think my art has helped me become a stronger and more independent woman, and I’m sure that has indeed helped me in my career. People also recognize me and remember me easier because of my tattoos and that’s usually a good thing. I haven’t really had any problems with getting a job or respect because of them. There are certain times when I don’t want my tattoos to be showing when I don’t feel like standing out from the crowd, but I’ve never regret getting them as they’re now a part of me.

8. Are you about a story with your pieces or are you just into cool art? In other words, does your skin tell a story

I’ve chosen my tatts very carefully. I wouldn’t get anything that I’d regret later on. Like I said, I’ve done some cover-ups so I kinda want to make sure I only get what I truly want. Like 2 years ago or so I got my right arm done, it’s a full sleeve with artwork from albums by my favorite band Katatonia. Their music means a lot to me so it was something I really wanted to get. The artist behind their album covers is Travis Smith* (one of my fav artist Wes J) so this is my tribute to the band and him. Both my arms are black and gray.

I’m a huge horror movie fan so I’ve got motives from different horror movies on my right leg, all in color. So far I’ve got Evil dead, Terrorvision, Re-Animator, House of 1000 corpses, Children of the corn, Freddy Kreuger, Nosferatu, and The Blair witch project done.

I’ve also got a colorful back piece, kinda an ocean theme going on there with a mermaid, half woman/half-octopus, and half woman/half crab character.

My most recent ones are two robot-like characters. I was following someone on Instagram who went to a local exhibition and he posted some pictures of two cool looking “robots”. I decided I really wanted to get them tattooed someday ….. so I did. Maybe I’ll someday find out who the actual artist is, it would be cool to show them to him/her.

 9. Is any of it about extremity pain/pleasure or is it more expression

No, all about expression and also to pay homage to my favorite bands, artists, and movies.

 10. Is there an and game? When do you think you will be finished

I don’t know, next up is a tattoo of the Toxic Avenger and Candyman. I’ll continue my left leg once the right one is done, I’m going to get a Pink Floyd tribute tattoo.


11. What is your number one favorite tattoo and why?

I have to say that my Katatonia sleeve is my favorite. That’s because it means a lot to me, their music has helped me through rough times and this is my way of saying thanks. I think I’ve spent like 25-30 hours on finishing that sleeve, I’ve very carefully chosen the motives. There are also some lyrics in there of the song “Idle blood”.

12. How do you feel about getting a partner’s name or initials? Is the curse real?

Haha, I’d never do that…. I’m not superstitious at all – I simply don’t like the idea.

13. Do you have and if so are you willing to admit you have a barbed wire band tat?

Haha I wish I did….

Damn you are cool! Wes J

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