Wednesday, September 2, 2020

NEW HOT SH*T : Continoom

1. Introduce yourself and your band and tell us why we should listen to you. 

Hello Everyone, my name is Peter Schrott, and we are Continoom from Budapest, Hungary. Our music genre is basically metal, but we're using many elements from other popular genres. Like dubstep, DnB, funky etc. We are kind of a modern electro-metal band.  

2. What do you classify your sound as, Who do you tell people you sound like? 

Fusion metal means a WOW beneath of metal sound. :D Cool metal riffs with melodic vocals, and with backing vocals spiced with some electro. We are not music genre creators, we're just a particular, innovative metal band. 

3. With digital music in today's world would you vote to keep or eliminate physical media? 

I think it is not our decision, it depends on the audience. If they buy CDs, then we make CDs. However, “sadly” it doesn't appear to be the future. Streaming technology is good stuff, it’s fast and provides practically a global coverage. You can access it anywhere and anytime as a listener, and - as an artist -  you can spread your music faster than in the old times. I prefer to go with the trends.

4. What is the reason you decided to be a musician and has that reason paid off?

I'm a little exhibitionist, as every musician is, I think. :D Since I first met music I've been in love with it. When I'm on the stage, I'm in a kind of delirium. So I can say, yes, it really worth it. However, in a financial way, it is a deeeeeeep deeeeep hole to throw money in, and it may never pay off. But hope dies last. ;) 

5.How do you feel about females in metal getting special attention? Do you feel it is fair? 

If a woman feels the metal in her sole, then she shall let it out. However, I’d never think about it as special. Nowadays it comes more and more usual, and I personally like women being on the stage and playing metal. Do they have special attention? I'm not sure. From me, it is usual attention… :D

6.In the world climate with hatred being at an all-time high and metal being “ angry” music Do you think your music contributes to anger and hatred? 

No. Maybe sometimes. But I’ve always tried to be a "world-peace-guy". Continoom’s lyrics are about the EGO and self-encouragement. Love yourself to be able to love others, be yourself, do not follow someone else dreams, etc.... These words may sound trite, but these are facts.

7. Are you opposed to religious beliefs or politics being used in music? 

Of course, not, music is for everybody. However, lyrics are specific things, and they can be rude, or biased. When I don't like one, then I don’t listen to that song anymore, but many others may identify with it. I don't judge anyone for thinking differently.

8. We have dive into some pretty deep issues here do you think your music sends a message and if so what is it? 

I have already answered this a little upper above… :D

9. The market has changed and many bands believe that record labels are a thing of the past, with many labels now charging bands to “sign” how do you think a band can make it in today's scene? 

I think today it's easier to be successful without a record label than it used to be 20 years ago. A record label companies have resources and competencies that the bands just do not have. Contacts, inner networks, reputation, and so on. Anyone can tread the way, but it is very difficult, and it takes forever...

10. Why with the thousands of options including Netflix , sporting events everything on-demand Why do you think people should take the time to listen to what you have to say in your music? 

Because Continoom is the band that they will like! :D We do not have the recipe for the perfect music, 'cause it doesn’t exist.

Just listen to us, we are cool, and it comes from the heart.

11. How do you feel about pay to play? Do you think it is fair for a band to have to pay money to play? 

Only in one case: when the investment equals the promotional value. So you can play to your potential audience, your future fans. When you pay to play, usually you can also sell your merch, so you may come out from this gig well.

12. It is a fact that you are the talent and the entertainment explains what you think is the most important key to success? 

Nowadays talent is not enough. You have to promote yourself, reach out to your audience on most of the platforms. You have to perform professionally at contents, and be good at targeting as well. The music market is way too big, and there are usually a lot of similar bands like yours. 

13.In country music and even in some cases rock music is written and performed by different people would your band perform a song written by someone else? 

No. We produce our music. However, I do not say that I wouldn’t accept advice from music professionals or from other talents I respect. Of course, I would do so. If I felt that they could add to our music, then it would worth it.

14. If you are pro-female in music are you pro using sex to sell your music? 

I'm not a female, but I use sex to sell our music… or at least stripping :D Check out our music video, and you will get it:


15. What is your view on the lawsuits against people saying lewd or unprofessional things to women or men and how does that affect an art described as sex drugs and rock n roll? 

We have very limited knowledge - and no first-hand experiences ­čśë - about such issues. With Coontinoom we have always believed in the power of positive messages even if it comes to a tough topic. Wildness is the essence of all genres of rock and roll, and we are no exception: we love to shout into the world whatever is on our hearts. However, we like to do it with some optimism and positivity, since you need to heal after the pain. This positivity is part of the foundation of the band  

16. Ok, let's lighten up a bit. What is your favorite band of all time and why? 

Helloween. :D I don't know especially why, but I like them very much. 

17. What would you be doing if you were not in a band? 

I would be a Pub owner... Oops, I am… :D Trabant Pressz├│ - Pub and Coffee Budapest. (They are also one of Continoom's sponsors.)

18. Do you have a favorite sports team? 

No… :S 

19.If you could get on stage with anyone dead or alive who would it be? 

I wish I could sing a duet with Steven Taylor.

20. This is your shot to let loose, Throw down your biggest complaint about the music biz 

I have no complaints. I accept what it gives me, and I’m playing by its rules. The way is long and hard, but I’ve begun to walk on it, so I want to reach my destination.


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