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On this episode of An Old School Album Review we're discussing the Casper Wyoming band FROM ASH TO STONE.


With the release of their newest single "Limitless" we decided to reconnect with the band to see what they've been up to since their last time being featured here.

-Our tunings are drop B and drop D

- the bands we've played with include sorry no sympathy ,the band repent, genocide method, hemlock, Powerman 5000 animal in me, artificial aliens Emperors and elephants, motograter and the list goes on and on

- accomplishments to us is the fact that we do everything ourself not only that but we got ourself on radio stations and have gotten our foot in the door with the music world pretty well to be known pretty much in about 16 different countries from what we understand there isn't a place you can not go and look up from Ash to Stone thats an accomplishment to us

- let's see goals for us as musicians is just to keep progressing as a group and individuals but as a band just to keep putting a smile on people's faces and get some headbanging going selling merch traveling the world and just keep writing music doing what we love to do and keep them bodies moving and the blood flowing

- we've had a lot of good times in the last couple years as from Ash to Stone but I think one of our most memorable moments was on our way to play with Powerman 5000 and all of a sudden we smell smoke and when we look behind us,  our equipment was starting to catch fire so we slammed on the brakes in the middle of the highway jumped out of the truck started tossing stuff out and luckily nothing got destroyed just got a little bit of melting damage on the kick drum but the carpet the drum set was to sit on was smoldering we had to get rid of it lol

- the influence in this song really just comes from it's our second single since we reformed about 6 months ago where our old drummer Derek moved up to guitar and we got a new vocalist and another new Drummer and we couldn't be happier with the way things are going we wanted to put this one out just cuz it's real upbeat and fastpaste and just makes you want to head bang you know an all around good song.

- being a band in Casper Wyoming.... it's okay there's some really cool awesome and talented people and musicians here but it's not really the place you're going to make it big so we put most of our Focus into traveling and social media and music stores and platforms on the internet basically but of course with the whole pandemic thing going on traveling has become almost non-existent same as shows so we are just focusing on writing the new music for you all and getting it out there for you and enjoy we love ya all and appreciate the support and like to see comments and feedback and hope everyone is doing well out there but also looking forward to this whole thing blown over and getting back on the road to melt your faces🤘🤘🤘

Let's get started with the review.. the newest release.. "LIMITLESS"


Production on this video is really good..

This song kicks complete ass..

Love Cody's vocals, the approach, the growls, yells, etc.. they're always on point and YES he sounds like that live..

Some serious riffing going on here..

Drums are always on point with Josh..

The Wyoming wind really helped make this a kewl video..

The acoustic guitar parts on this are really good, they build up well to some nice chugging parts..

One of my favorite songs from them..

Definitely some quality pick attack.. 

Bottom line:

This band knows what they want and how to get it.. Experienced in the music scene and well established here in Wyoming. I'm proud to call them my friends. 

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