Friday, November 20, 2020

BATTERY DRUMMER INTERVIEW : Kenneth Galloway / Septarian

 Battery Drummer Interview

1.What is your name and what band do you play for?

Kenneth Galloway and I play for Septarian

2.Who made you want to play drums and why?

Alex Van Halen, Gene Hoagland Those guys are bad ass and the life of the band and the party.  

3.When did you get your first kit? Tell us about it…

 When I was 10 years old CB percussion Single kick, floor Tom snare and 1 cymbal. I made it work tho! I had to set up in the basement on dirt floor because my mother was working two jobs to support 4 boys and I didn’t want to wake her up.  

4.Where your parents supportive of you and your loud/expensive new habit?

 Yes as long as I didn’t wake Mom up she was all about it.  

5.What drum performance on an album is perfection to you?

That’s a hard one! Probably The Motion of Mayham  

6.Tell us about your current kit and set up in DETAIL.

 Rama star classic B/B double bass kit, Gibraltar cage & hardware, Meinl cymbals, George kollias Axis pedal.  

7.If you could have a dream kit tell us about it in DETAIL

The Tama I have is my dream kit. about the only thing I would say that would make it even more of a dream kit is if Tama would have given it to me.  

8.Name your top 5 drummers excluding Neil Peart and Mike Portnoy

 Gene Hoglan, Raymond Herrera, Sean Reinert, Dave Lombardo, George Kollias   

9. Do you prefer Live or Studio?

Both! Both are so different from each other but so fun to play  

10.Do drummers really get all the chicks and if so how do we convince the guitarist?

Drummers get all the girls...! What? I’m in the wrong Genre. Maybe animal like!?!? Fast hands and feet!? Fuck the guitarist they get plenty 

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