Monday, December 2, 2019

YOU SUCK : Deathead

The part that cracks me up the most is after years of doing reviews for The Metal Observer and Years of doing Soundchecked and after years of telling everyone reviews are the BIGGEST scam in music.
My opinion about your song ANYONES opinion about your song means about as much as the spit on the bottom of my show it means NOTHING. Here is how it works
1. Some schmuck wants free music so he kisses labels asses with great reviews snore
2. Some schmuck wants to feel important and writes reviews to kiss other peoples asses
3. Some schmuck wants to write for a zine or be an AR or PR person zzzzzzz

I honestly do not care about any of the above because guess what I get the free music , Ive written for zines I am a PR guy and I have helped hundreds of bands sign record labels and move up the ladder in the biz but I did it by being honest about everything even if sniff sniff your feelings are hurt.
I am NOT your girlfriend , your buddy , or the drunk guy who thinks every band is the next Metallica.
I am a talent broker people PAY me to find talent and I do. So before you flip out and get rockstar on me when I give you criticism maybe pay attention David Lee Roth and remember YOU ASKED FOR THIS.
Todays contestant is a band called Deathead
For transparency I will state here in public when a band submits a song I tell them up front, If you really want to do something with your music I suggest they join Metal Coffee. Deathead informed me they did not need my services because they were on a label, oddly enough their " label" didnt send me their music the band did so what is the label doing?
On to the review

Very first thought was production is horrid think "Soulside Journey" second thought was somebody likes Slayer anthen the vocals kicked in and all previous thoughts went down the drain.
Now listen there are things we can work with here , production is number 1. Its bad real bad lets start with that snare drum its hideous and contrary to popular belief to make something stand out it doesnt always mean it needs to be out in front. Secondly right off the bat I would make the transitions between the riffs a bit more slick grove to swing only works when one can be differnt from the other and it is difficult to do otherwise its kid of like trying to stop peeing midstream its messy and it hurts.
I am just talking about the first minute of the song so far. I am interested to know what label picked this up because the first thing I would say as a label is we have a lot of work to do.
I would get into the vocal but then the second gutteral vocal happened and I lost hope.
I am going to be honest If this band wanted to do PR with me I would have to pass.
Anybody besides the family and girlfriends who claim to like this are lying .
Suck O Meter 8


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  1. Pulling no punches, telling it like it is, how it should be done, honest suggestions on how to improve your band and be better in all ways possible are not insults, its the opposite actually, Moose Cares About The Integrity And Overall Future For Bands, So When Moose Gives You His 2 Cents, I Would Treat His Advice Like Gold, Take His Words As Passionate Fuel To Elevate Yourself And Your Dreams Will Manifest Into Reality I Promise You