Friday, December 20, 2019

Wes J steps away from The Metal Moose New Host announced

When I decided I did not want to do the podcast any longer it did cross my mind I wonder if anyone would want to carry the torch ? I well lets say have a reputation for making people angry , going off on insane rants , poking my finger hell lets be real my entire arm into places I shouldnt I never poked the bear I drop kicked the bear in the nuts most of the time. I can give you a list of radio , label , podcast , facebook groups and entire states who want nothing more than for me to disappear so what a better reason to keep The Metal Moose going!
I had to find someone who stood by me not necessarily agreeing with me but never told me to calm down never told me how to do things and since they were involved with a radio station they continued to run my show no matter how unconventional I was. Loyalty means the world to me and my pick to take over the show has been loyal I think all 6 years of The Metal Moose that takes fortitude!
So today I am announcing very proudly I am introducing the legend Spencer Streeter as the new Host and I am so excited to see where he takes it! Now he is in control I have given him the wheel! I get to watch what I created from the outside and enjoy it! I hope he runs it for another ten years!!


  1. Thank you for your trust to take over Metal Moose Radio. I am excited for this new journey! \m/