Thursday, November 7, 2019

Homicide Left For Dead Album review by Allyson Kingsley

Left For Dead
Album review by Allyson Kingsley music
journalist with Metal Coffee/Metal Moose 
Once upon a time, this little metalhead used to skateboard and not just to punk rock music. Thrash was becoming her musical drug of choice so it was nothing to throw in some Annihilator tape or perhaps Exodus and of course Slayer as my go-to before I took to the wheels (and stairs and rails etc). Fast forward to these last few years and listening to the thrash crossover bands that have come to my attention and I wish I could brandish my skateboard again and fucking shred to this style of music. But alas, I am older and I'm thinking my skull could not possibly 

handle another head injury at 45, so I resort to closing my eyes and imagining. What's my point? Homicide got my attention at the very first listen.
  The first song I heard was title track "Left for Dead"  reeking of unchained rage, with the throat shredding punk-thrash snarl violently effective. The energy and intensity is very present on songs like "Scorched Earth" and "Nightmares of the Apocalypse"; I could very well imagine the pits stirred by Homicide. Left for Dead is in-your-face with its heaviness and chunks of meaty hardcore for your banging pleasure.

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