Thursday, November 28, 2019

DETAILS.... Its cool to hate

Yes its that time again where since I own this blog I get to give my opinion. Nobody cares but it makes me feel better.
Today snowflakes.
In my interview series for musicians here on the grinder I ask them who their least favorite guitarist , bassist , drummer etc is and the over all answer is in so many words " we do not want to hurt anyones feelings or be negative"
This is garbage! Contrary to popular belief it is 100% fine to dislike someone and what they do and to say so you damn wimps!!

I will give you an example watch
 I Wes J hate the above pictured individuals. If they were erased from history, I would say musical history but NOTHING they have done will ever get enough respect from me to be called music.
Now look they have millions of fans, They have more money then I will ever imagine to have AND they do great things for charity and have created an entire society on the festival circuit and have their own family of fans. More than I have done or ever will do PERIOD. But guess what? I still hate them and NOBODY can or will change that.
Here is the shocking part you over cautious feeling loving snowflakes. It is ALLOWED its called an OPINION and we ALL have them and GASP adults can disagree and still respect each other. If you are an ICP fan you and I could not disagree more and    I still respect you as a human even if we DISAGREE.
But I respect you LESS if you are afraid to speak your opinion dont patronize me dont kid glove me tell me who you are and what you think and let ME worry about my feelings.
Because in my view if you cannot be honest you are a LIAR.
Stop being a B**ch and stand up for yourself and your opinion.
Till next time

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