Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Shoulda Been Blonde join Metal Coffee PR

In 2012 3 middle school girls, Peyton and sisters Brenna and Mirran, entered a local talent show. Needing a group name, they jokingly came up with "Shoulda Been Blonde". (They won the talent show by the way.) They continued to play in local restaurants and downtown shops whenever invited.  By 2015, in order to expand their sound, the band recruited cousin Lauren. With all the girls competent vocalists, early performances featured tight harmonies and saw the girls switching roles and instruments on most every song.

After 7 years, this Oklahoma based band, has produced several singles, 2 EP’s, and now a full length album "Worth" released Sept. 2019.  The ladies have both refined and simplified their sound. With Peyton and Brenna handling most of the songwriting duties, the band has settled on a consistent lineup of Peyton on lead vocals and guitar, Brenna on bass and keyboards, Lauren covering lead guitar, and Mirran on drums.   Their fun yet profound lyrics give them a unique quirky flare.  The band's independent sound ranges from chick punk to alternative rock, but still undeniably pop which results in their own new genre "Blonde Pop". 

"You always said that my hair didn't match my brain and I always said that your face was a shame, but now we get along....blah blah blah blonde."  ~Shoulda Been Blonde


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