Saturday, September 29, 2018

Brutal Death/Black Metal masters Unholy Desecration in Top 100 Metal Bands Globally

Brutal Death/Black Metal masters Unholy Desecration are rapidly climbing's metal charts leaving scores of headless bodies in their wake. Currently #53 in the USA and in the TOP 100 globally with over 4k bands in the metal category Unholy Desecration are relentlessly assaulting the metal masses with their new EP "Born of Evil" and live performances across Texas. 

Emerging from the abysmal depths of the Texas/Mexico border comes forth UNHOLY DESECRATION (formally known as Satanical Torment, Scarabaeus). Unholy Desecration was formed in the fall of 2017 by founding members Roberto Canales (Guitarist), Arnold Garza(Drummer) & Josh Villa (Bass).

They then added Jaime Maravillas (former Descry, Altercate, Eternal Crown Vocalist) on Vocals and almost a complete unit but lacking a second guitarist, they finally added Drew Erebus(Guitar)-(former Eternal Crown, Belligerency) to round off this Unholy quintet.
With complete lineup they began months of intense rehearsal perfecting their sound in Rob's Red Barn Recording Studio in Mission Texas.

UNHOLY DESECRATION unleashed their resonant form of Blackened Death Metal upon the unsuspecting masses with an onslaught of brutal live performances in the thriving Texas Border Metal scene and booking future dates with bands such as Mexico's death metal legends Mortuary & Morbosidad. They have shared the stage with bands
including Severance and Confused Records label-mates Panteon, Confused, XIL and Overt Enemy just to name a few. On September 2018 Unholy Desecration's EP "Born of Evil" was released by Confused Records worldwide across all digital music platforms. Now UNHOLY DESECRATION looks forward to what lies ahead for them.....  

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