Thursday, January 9, 2020


Look all of this started with guitar all of it even the roots of me running a PR company all goes back to my love affair with the guitar. And like most things in my life I am better at teaching how to apply than I am at the action itself. So for those who come gunning at me. I am NOT saying I am better than you or anyone else. These are just my way of making learning fun by using out of the box ideas.
I know theses days things have probably changed but when i was young the following applied.
For riffing mastery there was only one

Lord Tony Iommi cannot without doubt be beaten in the way of the riff and som say created the Devils triad which pretty much created metal and I cannot go without saying how essential it is to learn Sabbath songs in your very early days of playing.
But riffing is the foundation to moving on to chord progression and learning how to use chords in killer and fun ways because power chords will limit you in the end and I found it paramount to learn
AC/DC took the patterns of pop and infused blues into rock and roll greatness using chords and open strings and taught us how to write fun bouncy progressions and they wrote rock god guitar songs Back in Black being an example of a run with an open chord will teach you how to open strum and palm mute all in one song and it is amazing to air guitar to!
Then you always have those guys who are obsessed with faster picking and those shiny thin strings the flashy ones, you know we all wanted to be the LEAD guitar and once you have the foundation of Sabbath and the ability to walk the neck witch chord progression its only natural you move onto the staccato metal riffing style of
Here lies the Quintessential use of single string and melodies as well as the stomping of the horses gallop will teach you to pick and roam the neck in an all new fashion as well as learn how melodies work with the twin guitar work that is driven by the bass. This is a revelation and as the above listed bands are the cornerstones of rock and metal.

I also 100% suggest a band that gets overlooked again and again and has a historical legacy of the most effective and creative use of string skipping staccato out there very unique uses of muted and open string transitions that every guitarist should take the time to study 
 Yes I know many of you either just passed out or are saying who the hell is that?!?!?! I am going to suggest one song "Whatever DiDi wants" cmon you heavy metal masters just one song and you will learn a new appreciation for these goofy as hell punkers who get ignored by the metal and guitar world because of their antics but they are guitar slingers! Trust me on this one.

And throw this into your everyday ritual and dont forget to not only alternate pick but also do the phrasing in all up and all down strokes. Your welcome.....

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