Thursday, January 2, 2020

Misleading Evil (LP) HAZZARD A musing from Wes J

I remember seeing album covers like this when I was young and thinking how stupid they were. It wasnt until later in life i realized how much cool music I missed due to album covers. Forbidden , Sanctuary , Pestilence ,Nuclear Assault and even my silly ass assumption of thinking the Megadeth album covers were . Ignorant right? Yes!

Youth is ignorance and I have since learned the beauty of the music behind silly ass album covers which also means I have learned this is an art the Thrash album cover!

If you were into the above mentioned bands and dig the sticato thrash guitar work Tendencies will start you off on your journey at the pace of an army of galloping horses headed into battle and by the time the last note of Road to nowhere ends you will realize as you look in the mirror at your high tops bullet belt leather jacket and your custom tennis racket guitar being young was fun and no matter how silly the album cover looks you look 3 times as embarassing headbanging in the mirror

NoSlip has outdone themslves with this thrash disc and offer it in a bunch of killer vynil options!
Get it and break out the tennis racket!

The Tendencies of a Madman 04:15
Absolute Destruction 04:29
The Execution of The Damned 05:46
Misleading Evil (Instrumental) 07:52
The Fallen 04:38
Under The Influence 04:12
Apocalypse Dawn 03:50
Road To Nowhere 06:47

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