Wednesday, January 8, 2020


It made total sense to me I can offer every band in the world the things I wanted when I was in a band and for FREE!! This is something bands promoters venues EVERYONE will be all about this!!
WRONG!!! It never even crossed my mind by offering something for free people are willing to beg die and pay for that I was exposing SCUMBAGS. Thieves who were lining their pockets for something that was free and gaining money AND power by blacklisting the artist, the radio , the venues all the while creating a circle of goons by paying them in a front to say they are supporting by putting on shows and hiring people THEY are GOOD for the scene and YOU are the enemy!!!
 Wait! So by offering what you offer for FREE makes me the enemy? Oh yeah? Wait until I tell the world and the bands will be an ARMY on my side.

Its straight up extortion and I fought it tooth and nail for years and that was just asking bands for music so I could play it on my radio show. No charge , No strings attached you send it I will play it and Jesus of Nazareth the attacks began.

I WON and 4000 bands later I kicked the scene in the ass! Gained a ton of respect and changed the damn game. I didnt know this was just the beginning. That was and is The Metal Moose Podcast in a nutshell and I am proud to say that even though I have stepped away from the mic the show is now still on many stations across the globe and has a killer new host Spencer Streeter. Game Over I win.
Now it was time to tackle an entirely new beast PR. Yeah !! With the contacts and respect Ive earned now I can REALLY do great things I will offer services that industry average runs about $200 a month and that is CHEAP!! I will offer the same services available to bands and labels for ONE DOLLAR a day!!!
 Now how in the world can I not be the HERO of the music world this time? This is the greatest idea and the most brutal kick in the nuts to the snakes , scumbags and thieves out there! There will be altars dedicated to me across the music globe the hero of all bands!!
WRONG!! Hello music mafioso. Now I have really pissed them off I started actually taking money out of the pockets of the devil and flaunting it. And though depending on who you ask the following statement may or not be true  but I still have in my possession a friendly message " I will cut your damn throat if you  fuck with this" I also have an awesome photo saved of a Moose in the sight of a gun crosshairs posted on social media with the quote " taking care of the problem".  2 years later Metal Coffee is going stronger than ever and had a laundry list of success .
 Ok Wes J / Moose
Oh you bet! First the radio world, next the PR world and Now the booking world. I am coming full guns a blazin and I am going to show the world. You do NOT have to sell your soul to ANYONE to book a gig AND just like the above 2 conquered worlds I WILL create a network of like minded venues and owners who are of like mind and bands that work with me WILL play shows with no power play no blacklisting and no fear. I will weed out the BOSS HOG mentality and teach bands and venues THEY hold the power!
Without the bands and venues promoters have NOTHING! So when I offer my bands to venues it is at ZERO cost. The bands will pay an insanely small book fee to me then its a done deal. No threats , No strings , No blacklisting and Boss Hog can take a hike.
Phase 3 of domination is underway
 The Pitchfork Syndicate is for the bands and the Venues! Our goal is to provide top notch entertainment to venues at no charge ( from us, the bands pay is between venue and the band) and break the cycle of venues and bands being controlled by promoters and managers saying where and when a band can and cannot play.
You can play anywhere you want anytime you want and you can book anyone anytime you want! YOU have the power!
Let us help you break away from the chains its YOUR dream and YOUR talent. If you are interested in working with us email metalcoffeepr@gmail.com subject booking.

Now lastly you all know exactly who I am talking about because he/ she is in every scene in every town and every country.  Do not be intimidated or you will be the next band in  long line of bands playing to earn promoters money while going nowhere, whats the name of that band where you are who's been playing for ten years and are still stuck there? Yep now you get it........

Oh and no is a simple answer in all communication so F you , Burn in Hell etc is not needed when a service is offered.

By the way is total Moose fashion OF COURSE I will call out the people who are destroying the scene.
To be continued
stay tuned.........

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  1. Nice man, keep doing what you do and all the haters can piss off. Before a band says no thank you, they should at very least give you an opportunity to show them what you can do. As A DJ, having been doing this for 10 years, I know the depth of your distribution list. I doubt they will get that kind of potential exposure with very few other people. Bands also need to remember they themselves still need to be out there promoting their band. I can think of one band, right now, that works hard at promoting themselves, and have been able to tour Europe because of all the time and effort they also put in. If a band thinks that hiring a PR company is all they will need to do to be successful, that is a mentality that will most likely not get them very far. So keep doing what you do, and hopefully one day those haters will see the light and break free of the chains they have been out in by others that only care about themselves, and how much money they can make. \m/.

    DJ REM
    Metal Moose Radio Podcast host and DJ at Rock Addict Radio.