Thursday, November 1, 2018


Area, the stunning rawness of Rock and the minimalistic esoteric power of obscure traditional folk songs, all mixed up, shaked and blended through the twisted mind of its creator. 
He relocated to Oakland, CA, and with the help of producer Snake Green ( Skinlab/The Devil In California) he planted the seed for what was to become BIZAR BAZAR, his first one man band project. 

The bond between them grew stronger and they decided to go to DIFFERENT FUR studios to record “Circus Metal Maniac”, a kaleidoscope of insanity and genius that perfectly reflect the personality of its author. The album was received with critical acclaim, accompanied by rave reviews from the world over.
The project became a band when Fabian moved back to Italy and found three others like-minded musicians with whom he could share his vision, continue his musical journey and spread his gospel to ever increasing crowds, keeping himself busy in the meantime by recording a song (and a promo video) with worldwide famous producer Russ Russell (Napalm Death, Dimmu Borgir, New Model Army amongst others...) 

Now the time for transformation has come. A new chapter is about to be added and the band is gearing up to take the next step towards the final transition. Bizar Bazar is dead! Long Live RED SERPI!

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