Thursday, November 29, 2018


Started in 2013 by Industrial, metal, EBM, electro-rock enthusiast Evan Mitchell (Singer, Song Writer, Programmer) Machines on Blast's growth began shortly with the additions of recording/live guitarist Warren Adams in 2014. The addition of Adams to the band saw M.O.B morph into a darker, heavier, and wider entity than ever before with more opportunities and doors opening for them. Within the same year, the M.O.B. family grew with the addition of live drummer Chris Marshall.

2014 also was a busy year for M.O.B. in the music department as the band released their well received self-titled debut EP “Machines On Blast”. Alongside the EP, Machines on Blast went on to appear in the compilations “Digital Recovery 10.4” and “Elektro Villain: Volume 002”.

Machines on Blast showed no signs of slowing down, either, as Machines on Blast supported their self-titled EP with a brand new remix album featuring all sorts of independent artists including Chrome Corpse, Particle Son, Man Woman Machine, and FlammPunkt. Machines on Blast also recruited bass player Scott Vanhorn for the live line-up, and went on to perform alongside The Dreaming (Former Stabbing Westward), My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult, Genitorturers, Death Valley High, and Fractured Fairytales.

It was within 2015 that Machines on Blast continued to work on their next full length production Tin Man Empire which released in 2016. The album was well received with Hooded Stranger ( stating Machines on Blast is, “...explosive and detonate their sound,” and Brutal Resonance ( praising the album as, “angry, loud, and brings back a 90s industrial sound.”

In late 2017, Machines on Blast welcomed guitarist Adrew Howington to the line up and has started production on their yet to be announced sophomore full length album. The band has also announced that a song of theirs will be released on the Australian horror film 'Bite Club' which is due out in 2018.

Machines on Blast has also been included on the following compilations:

Digital Recovery 10.4 (2014)


Digital Recovery I II Volume II ,Tribute to Ric Laciak of RAS DVA (2015)

Coma Music Magazine "The Oontzcast Files" (2015)

Coma Music Magazine " Tainted Candy 2" (2015)

Don't mess with industrial - Fuck Cancer (2015)

Electronic Saviors Vol 4 premium edition (2016)

Brutal Resonance "Industrial Stomp-out" (2017)

Dark Tunes "Gothic Music Orgy Vol. 4" (2017)

Music for Mexico benefit (2017)

Electronic Saviors Vol 5 (2018)

Digital Recovery Sandy Kirti benefit (2018)

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