Sunday, November 4, 2018


1. Please tell us about the about the band and its members. 

Old Man's Money are a British/American indie rock band based in Los Angeles. The band consists of Sammy Al (Vocals + Guitar), Johnny D (Guitar), Doc (Bass) and Blade (Drums)

2. Who does the majority of the writing? Is it a group thing or does someone handle the writing duties?

Sammy and Johnny mostly take care of the writing, then Doc comes up with some bass parts and Blade comes in with the drums.

3. Where is the band based out of ? Where did you want to the band to end up? What was the dream city to have as your home base once you got out of your scene?

We are based in Los Angeles, but Sammy Al and Johnny D originate from the UK. 

4. What is your genre? What bands do you use to explain to people what you sound like?

Alternative/Indie. Mostly telling people we are similar to Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Amazons, two british rock bands

 5. Can we buy anything from you Cd's shirts etc and where can we buy them?

6. Do you have studio time lined up anything new coming soon?

7. Have you ever been on tour? If so where and with who?

No we have not, but plan to!

8. What is your favorite band? Who are the bands who influenced you?

Since we say we are similar to Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Amazons, they influence us pretty heavily. But old school rock like Led Zeppelin and The Eagles

9. Do you have a website? And do I have to verify that I am 18 to enter it? and no, anyone can visit!

10. What about your music do you want people to remember? What is the quality you want to hit people when they hit play?

We want people to get behind the lyrics and feel what we were feeling when we wrote them

11. Name a person who is integral to your band that nobody knows about , what person drives your band like they are part of the band? Who is the extra member ?

We have an artist who takes care of photos and CD covers. His name is Ben Stuchburyand he is integral to the band image, check out his stuff! 

12. Tell nerds like me tell us about your live rig and equipment.
Sammy Al - Playing either a '73 Ovation Viper or '07 Fender Telecaster Thinline Custom into a Laney Lionheart L5t-112 with Pedalboard consisting:Korg Pitchblack Tuner, Boss Ns-2 & Cs-3, EHX Soul Food & Memory Toy, MXR boost, TC Elec. Viscous Vibe
Johnny D - 2010 Fender Stratocaster into a Bugera v22 all valve with Pedalboard consisting various pedals like Boss Od-2, TC Electronic MojoMojo and Dunlop Wah Pedal.

13.What is your musical guilty pleasure that you are ashamed of?

Sammy Al - I'm really into Craig David and not even embarrassed about it
Johnny D - piano versions of pop songs

14.If you could custom build a band who would be the members?
Keith Moon on drums, Chilly Gonzalez on piano, Jaco Pastorius on Bass, Mark Knopfler on guitar, Clapton on guitar, Freddie Mercury on vox

15.Message to the fans? What is it?
Enjoy the ride 

16.If you could bring back one metal legend who would it be?

17. Who in the band has the stinkiest feet?
Johnny D

18. What is the worst album by your favorite band?
Queen - Hot Space

19. How do you think your band will break up?
Johnny and Sammy fist fight 

20.Last but not least , Zepplin or The Who
Sammy Al - Zeppelin 
Johnny D - The Who

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