Tuesday, July 28, 2020

HOLY HELL THIS IS GOING TO GET A LOT OF HITS! This week on An Old School Album Review we're discussing Devil in the Mist from the Boston/Rhode Island area

We talked with the band prior to this review, here's what they had to say:

 I tune all my Guitars  to E flat,  with  the 6th string on 6 string guitars to C# which in standard tuning would be Drop D ,  I also do different tyoes of tunnings with my acoustic  songs .   

  Bands i have played in  -     All original  bands  ,  in 2000  my  first band  Torque,  in  2009  ,  Invain  ,  then i went solo  with GIA G  in 2012 ,   then  in 2016  got back together with signer from  Invain  to form Devil in the Mist ,  in 2019  I  played shows with a NH  metal band  Infinite Sin  and recorded a  solo for one of their songs on their EP .   
Acomplishments -  “Radio-WIGWAM ‏ @Radio_WIGWAM Following Following @Radio_WIGWAM More Nominated!!! Gia G in Best Female Artist category. WIGWAM Online Radio Awards 2018. Keep rocking” 
Radio - WIGWAM - Radio - WIGWAM 
Hot Girls With Guitars, 1st place 2014
“Check Out This Weeks Battle Of The Bands Winner "Devil In The Mist" Winning by a whopping 6,522 fucking votes this week in the Battle Of The Bands! Friday August 17 2018, 5:23 PM” 
The Beast - MetalDevastation radio.com 
"Top 15 Hard Rock & Metal Female Guitar Shredders" chart by Metalholic.com.4Th place 2014 
Sighed to Shred Guy records 2014 to 2015 
Emergenza Festival 2004 , winning 1st round , 3rd place in 2nd round , Advanced to finals. Then showcased for Sony Records from the contest Nov 2004  Some where # 1 for 2weeks on KB Radio in Canada , on there Top 25 international chart .There song Somewhere also picked up on Commercial stations in Europe and played on Surf 97.3 FM Flagner Beach Radio .com in Florida on there playlist 
Commercial radio airplay and in rotation for there song Severed Ties on 98 ROCK radio in Baltimore , Flagship home of the Baltimore Ravens . DC 101 Alternative Rock Radio WWDC . Surf 97.3 FM Flagner Beach Radio.com 
In rotation on numerous Internet radio station . Including Radio WIGWAM in England , KB Radio in Canada , Metal Messiah Radio in England , LA Germany , San Francisco and many other internet and college stations . 
Ranked number #1 in Local charts for instrumental artists in Boston MA. 
Ranked # 1 on Reverbnation in National and Global charts for instrumental artists
More  Accomplsihments -  Endorsed with these great companies - Seymour Duncan , SIT Strings , Coffin Gear ,Revv Amplifcation, ZT Amplifier , Viper Guitars WB Gear , Best Tronics cables , Pick Guy Guitar Picks , Swiss Picks , Bigbends nut sauce , Frozen Picnic clothing    I have my own signature Guitars with Viper Guitars , and my own signature Guitar picks with   Pick Guy Guitar picks

Goals ,  to be signed  with  big indie or indie label affililated with  Major , get  even more radio play ,  be on the national circuit with major bands,    have our songs in movies , comercials, video games ,   Have a hit song  on bill board charts :)  i want to known as a great guitarist and original, but i want to be more known as a song writer, want to make songs that  hit people  .    
Funny/weird story about your band? 
Oh  well in this band  not  really , past bands there is ,    here is one , a show I was drivng to with my friend with me ,  my guitar was in the trunk , we went over a bridge , and the back of the trunk popped open , my guitar went sliding down the street ,  in the case,  lol

That's a pretty impressive list of accomplishments!!!  Hope the guitar was ok after it slid down the road 😬

Let's get started with the review..


I really like the guitar tones here, full of sound and crisp, pretty SIC riffs going on here..
Good video concept.. 
Layered guitars are awesome, perfect harmonies and well placed pinch harmonics..
Vocals are stellar I love the way she sings..
Ok that was a crazy solo with all the high end squeals, that's actually harder to do than a person thinks, and just learning how to do that takes countless hours of your guitar NOT making that sound before it actually does.


This is a slower song, just like a power ballad, but really shows the chord progressions used to create a song, how they match together with the right notes placed in the right places..
I can really relate to the lyrics here..
I love the video..
I'm not reminded of any particular band so that makes them very unique..
Drums are always on point.
*This video has over one million YouTube views


Another awesome video!!!
Loved the spoken vocals..
Recording the guitar parts must have been a nightmare with all the tricks she's doing, natural and pinch harmonics everywhere,  and well placed.. but as part of a riff that's hard to do..
Damn that's how you end a song!!!


Love how this starts..
Solid groves..
I dig the metronome sound, well placed and brings everything together as a part 1 and 2..
Really nice song here.


For a lesson in shredding please refer to this video 

I'm also including a few of these songs in a live version,  available here:

For all things Devil in the Mist and Gia G please follow them here:





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  1. Thank you so much for the Interview and review of the songs :) i really appreciate the compliments , Here is some updated news, Both my bands have been signed to Slip Trick records , very excited , and where releasing new music and single in Oct :)