Monday, November 4, 2019


1.Tell us in a few words why you think people should listen to you over the thousands of bands out there.

Answer: We’re three brothers who are bringing back the metalcore that we (and many others) used to wear out in the mid 2000’s, but with a little bit of a twist.

2. Name 3 bands you think your music is comparable to

Answer: Avenged Sevenfold, Coheed and Cambria, and Alesana.

3.Tell us about your latest release, how do you describe it and where can we purchase it?

Answer: Misery Falls’ latest release, “Adeline”, is our first full length album. We wanted the album to be more than a bunch of random songs thrown together to form 45 minutes worth of music. We wanted the songs to tell a story, and above all, create a metalcore masterpiece. Ultimately, we think we got what we wanted, but we’re anxious to see if the public agrees once the reviews are in. “Adeline” was released digitally on October 25th, 2019, and can be purchased on Apple Music, Spotify, Band Camp, Amazon Music, and many other streaming platforms.

4.Do you have any video’s and where can we see them? Do you think videos are important any longer?

Answer: As of right now, we do not have any music videos or live recordings, but plan on shooting at least two music videos in the spring to continue promoting “Adeline”. However, a few of our singles are partnered with lyric videos. We also plan on making good quality live recordings available to the public once we find two other “touring members” to fill out the band, and have some shows under our belts. At the end of the day, the average music listener is more likely to watch a full blown music or lyric video on YouTube, rather than click on a random song that has non visual context. Live videos also help potential fans get a feel for how talented a band really is. Anyone can sound good in the studio. In other words, yes, we do feel that music videos and live recordings are pivotal for a band’s success.


5. As a PR agent I am going to tell you forthright, It is expensive to make it in the music industry and it is unfair because a lot of great talent gets left behind. How far are you willing to go? How much are you willing to lose to climb this mountain?

Answer: Misery Falls is a very family oriented band. We are three brothers who are as tight musically as we are socially. The rest of our family has supported us and will continue to unconditionally support us, and we are beyond proud of that. With that being said, we would never do anything to jeopardize our family ties. Going on tour and living the “rock star lifestyle” would be awesome. However, our main objective with this band is for people, worldwide, to listen to and enjoy what we have worked so hard to create.

6.At one time you could believe that your music was enough , Your live show was enough. Now that you know the reality of the music business what would YOU change to make it more fair to the artist?

Answer: It seems no matter how you slice it, the music business is the epitome of unfair. Talent alone does not get you far. We can even make the argument that talent alone gets you nowhere. On that note, that is exactly what we would change about the music business. The best musicians and most creative performers would be the ones making it big in the music business, not the talent less, unoriginal hacks.

7.Youve spent tons of money on gear , spent thousands of hours rehearsing and putting everything into your dream. What level of success will you consider “ making it”?

Answer: Misery Falls will have “made it” once our music has reached multitudes of people, not just in our area, but multitudes of people around the world. Obviously, signing onto a record label and touring would be huge in reaching that goal, so we’re willing to work our collective asses off to get our music to potential fans.

8. Have you been on the road? Would you like to tour? And with who?

Answer: None of us here at Misery Falls have ever been on the road with any touring acts. Most of our past gigs with other bands have ended with us packing up our gear and making a relatively short drive home. However, we are open to going on tour, especially on the east coast. It would be cool to tour with bands like Atreyu, Bullet for My Valentine, and The Black Veil Brides, but those are high hopes. For now, we’d be super stoked to play shows with bands like Sirens & Sailors and Ice Nine Kills, as they play somewhat regularly in or near Western New York, and have similar sounds to our music.

9.You get 5 members build your dream band and go.

Answer: Ooo. This is a tough one. Billy Sheehan on bass, Glen Sobel on drums, Synyster Gates on guitar, Paul Gilbert on guitar, and Jonny Lang on guitar/vocals. Lot of diversity there, but it’d be a dope band.


10.Who would you not throw under the bus for fame?

Answer: I suppose we would never throw each other under the bus. This is by far the best original band any of us have ever been a part of because we’re three brothers who work hard at what we do, and are damn good at what we do.

11.Do you know about the business side of music? Do you think the business side or the entertainment side is more important?

Answer: We have a decent understanding of the business side of music. Two out of the three of us have been in bands all across Western New York for well over a decade. As much as playing/recording music is fun and is a hobby of ours, it’s also a job. Our job is to not only provide quality music to the fans, but also provide entertainment and give our all each time we perform. There’s nothing worse than going to see a live band with absolutely no stage presence. We think the business side of music goes hand in hand with the entertainment side of music. You’ll do well in one area if you do well in the other.

12.What is it about your live show that will make a person remember you?

Answer: Once we have some live shows lined up, we would like to make it just that; a show. We’ve always been enamored with acts like Alice Cooper and Marilyn Manson, and their shock rock aspects to their live performances. We want to make our live performances an experience that fans will not forget, with unrelenting energy, air tight musicianship, and maybe even some stage props.

13.Your girlfriend , Your family , Your friends are all going to lie to you and tell you that you are awesome, its just how the game works. So who do you trust to tell you the truth?

Answer: Ironically, some of our friends are our biggest critics, but for the sake of the question, we trust the fan who is a complete stranger to us. If the crowd of thirty random people at the club showers us with compliments after our set, or after they’ve purchased and listened to our music, we know we’re doing something right.

14.What constitutes kicking a member out of a band?

Answer: Here at Misery Falls, we like to consider ourselves pretty cool people, who are generally pretty easy to work with. On that note, being a dick is a really good way to get yourself kicked out of a band. Even if you’ve got chops like nobody’s business, a shitty personality is a huge turnoff for people like us. It’s also preferred if band members are reliable (showing up to gigs and practices on time), have their own quality gear, and are relatively fast learners. Too many strikes in any one of those departments can definitely constitute kicking a member out of the band.

15.How do you feel about political beliefs inside the band?What if one of your members wanted to wear a pro trump shirt live?

Answer: Misery Falls does NOT like to show our political hand. When you reveal your political leanings, you can run the risk of losing fans. It sucks, but that’s the truth. Politics and music have always intermingled, but we choose to not let politics find its way into our music, or even our social lives. So, if a member of our band wanted to take a strong political stance on stage or on social media, we would highly suggest they refrain.

16. There are a number of bands and artist out there who are gay or lgbt,

Would you support one of your members changing gender?

Answer: Sure. We might not parade it around, but we wouldn’t tell our hypothetical transgender band mate what he/she can or cannot do with his/her body. It’s 2019. Chances are, our fan base doesn’t consist of old timers who will disregard us because one of our members changed genders. People are more understanding now.

17.Many people consider metal music and metal fans to be racist

Share your opinions, including would you allow racism in your band if the member was talented enough?

Answer: Yikes. We’ve never heard of this stereotype. We would not allow blatant racism from any of our band members, whether it be visible on social media, or in person. Talent is a good deodorant, but there are plenty of talented musicians to choose from who aren’t racist.

18.I am pushing boundres for a reason, rock n roll is rebellion sex and drugs but things have changed will you stay true to yourself even if it means leaving the band and giving up your dreams?

Answer: To us, staying “true to ourselves” means never giving up on our musical aspirations. Music isn’t just our hobby, it’s our life. We will never lose sight of that.

19.Lets lighten up, If you could get on stage with any band who would it be?

Answer: That’s a tough call. Three way tie between The Outlaws, Alice Cooper, and Avenged Sevenfold.

20.I want you to say something you know will be controversial that you are willing to stand up for.

Answer: We have written the best metal album to ever come out of our hometown. It’s a hot take, but we stand behind that statement.

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