Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Life of Scars – When the Devil Walks In

Life of Scars – When the Devil Walks In

Review by Andrew Phelan

Wassup? so life of scars is a band from Dallas whose album, "When the Devil walks in", just came through my inbox.
I can’t even front, I played a random song for 5 seconds and thought to myself, “Damn this is wild corny what have i gotten myself into smh”. BUT I CONCEDE, when the devil walks in is a wild ride. let us take a more microscopic lens to this shit right here.
“HELLLLL YEAH MOTHERFUCKER I WILL KILL YOU. YOU THINK THIS A FUCKING GAME??? MOTHERFUCKER YOU’RE GONNA DIE!!!” This is what the lyrics sound like all throughout LOL but yo this shit is gnar. The vocalist sounds like if Tom g Warrior and Jamey Jasta were like “lets combine voices bro” so off rip, that’s super hard. The hooks are simple and catchy. the solos rip shit. "When the Devil walks in" has groove parts that compete with some of my favorite modern hardcore bands, which flows directly from the drummer’s chops. these elements can be found on every song in ABUNDANCE,
So it’s formulaic nature does get repetitive.
still, i’m fucking with it. i had the stankface (mosh version) on plenty of times throughout. My initial reaction was based on iphone quality speakers. i listened to the shit with some BOSES and god damn, the quality of the recording is stupendous. shoutout to life of scar’s production team. with that being said, the intensity of the riffs and songwriting don’t rely on the production at all. the intro sounds like dr. phil on perc 30s giving a scathing lecture but whatever LOL. oh and this dude said “church bells ringing out of tune, preacher flips me off.” I can just picture an ornery Irish catholic giving me the finger. damn bro what did i do to you??? we don’t know each other like that for you to do that. I know we don’t necessarily agree on religion but i wouldn’t do that to you smh.
ok to sum this shit up if you like slightly death metalier slayer riffs with some SERIOUS MOSH PARTS, massive cheesy hooks, and dudes yelling “YEAHHHH MOTHERFUCKER I DON’T GIVE A FUCK” this is the album for you. 6.5/10 big gnarlingtons.
favorite song: give me a reason (this is the push pit anthem)
FFO: slayer, pantera, hatebreed, swearing

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