Thursday, January 10, 2019


My name is Claudiu Ciorbaru, 17 years old, I am the lead singer, lyricist and songwriter for the Romanian heavy metal band, Awake The Demons.

I started this project alone, back in 2016 when I was 15 with the hope and dream of transmitting important messages via my creation and reaching the world's biggest stages. Still on my own, I will keep working, keep doing my best as hope is the last thing that dies and for me it will never die. I am not doing this for fame and stuff like that, but because music is my life, metal music saved my life and it was there for me when no one else was. My music is the method I use to express feelings, hidden meanings, messages and more to the people who are willing to listen to it. I am doing this just for them and for achieving my dream of becoming something in the metal world. 

Our primary genre is, of course, heavy metal, but we have influences from a lot of metal genres and also from hard rock. I was inspired to start making music by Iron Maiden, the first band I've ever listened to. Then Breaking Benjamin, Bullet For My Valentine and the last but not least, Five Finger Death Punch, my all time favorite band. Ivan Moody, their lead singer, is my idol. I've actually got the honor to talk to him on his official Instagram page. He has such a big heart, so many deep meanings behind some apparently common lyrics and that actually inspired me to start this project, Awake The Demons. All this happened in 2016 and is still going on now.

As for why I started this project.... Well let's just say I am surely not the happiest person in the world. I had a lot of problems in my past regarding family, lack of friends, bad luck in love and more.... I cannot talk about all that in details, I really can't, but I admit all this changed me and made me the person I am today, a person really determined, with a huge dream and who'd make almost everything to make it come true. Actually these problems determined my band's first name, a kinda bad one, Angelic Demon. Yeah, at the beginning of 2017 the band was still called Angelic Demon :))

I wrote alone 5 albums in only 1 summer. I was on a writing spree if I can call it like that lol. Basically everything I had in my heart, in my soul and in my mind I laid down on paper. These albums basically describe my life and I am looking forward to singing each and every song in each of them. Our first album, Hellfire Trials The Legacy Of Inner Demons, the one I am working at in this moment, is a combination of the best songs from the other 4 albums. I chose the most significant songs to make this album. I think the title of it says it all, just think at it. ;)

With the help of two great friends from my city, Constanta, I actually managed to make 3 songs. I will post the links below. The first one was made with the help of a really close friend, I can call him a brother, Dragos is his name. Working on programs on computer I made a first song called "Downfall". It is an instrumental so no lyrics in it, but it's really expressive. Yet again the title says it all. Then I alone created another instrumental, the intro of our album and the intro of our band, called "Uprising". No need to describe it, again the title plus the song talk for itself. Well going to university forced Dragos to step back from the project. I was once more left alone to handle this all, but I wasn't ready to quit the dream. I have a friend, he plays the keyboard and his name is Levi. We are all from the same city, Constanta. Anyway, with help from him as he is already a profesional singer, I started dreaming again and thinking "WE CAN DO IT!" And so we started working at our demo song, first song with lyrics, "Cycle Of The Damned". It took 6 months, a lot of wasted nights, computer programs, help, but we had a song made entirely on computer. But it sounded too robotic. Then I got lucky and I met online someone called Erick Draven. Well I didn't know a thing about him. He is from the States. Well he had the same dream as me even if he is way older than me. He on his own, so just like myself in the past, managed somehow to create 19 songs, 19! Can you imagine that? He asked me to make the videos for all of them and I did it. He wanted to pay me at first, but taling and working together got us really close. Now I can call him my brother, just like Levi and Dragos. After he released the songs and started promoting them, he helped me with "Cycle Of The Damned'. He introduced me to a band from Chicago called Ritual Burning and their guitarist, James Ferro , he's an outstanding person by the way, sang both guitars and the bass, recorded them in a studio and sent them to me. Basically, except the drums which are made entirely by Levi, the rest of the song got finished by James. He gave me full author rights and copyrights on it telling me that he sees my determination, my potential and that I can always count on his and his band for help with the project. They don't write lyrics so they don't want to have a lead singer in the band sadly. So after all, somehow I finished Cycle Of The Damned and released it just days ago. I supported all the financial part, mixing and mastering, recording vocals, promoting the song and taking care of my band's social pages..... This all happened in 2018.

All in all, this is the short story and the one that defines Awake The Demons, this is what drove us to do this. ( Awake The Demons' Youtube Channel) (Awake The Demons - Downfall) (Awake The Demons - Uprising) (Awake The Demons - Cycle Of The Damned) (Official Facebook page of A.T.D. ) (Official Instagram page of A.T.D.) (Official ReverbNation page of A.T.D. )

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