Monday, August 12, 2019


1.What is the name of your band and how did you come up with it? What is your name and what do you do for the band? 

My name is Kahler Legacy, and I am the frontman (vocals & guitar), studio engineer and designer for the band. After going through a few name changes to avoid sharing a name with other bands, we compiled a list of names that came from multiple sources (books, TV show episodes, poetry, street names and more). We don't exactly recall where “Addisons Way" was derived from, but we do know it hadn't been used anywhere else, and all domain names were available, so we put it to a vote and have been known as Addisons Way ever since. 

2.Tell us where you are based and describe the scene. How do you think where you are located influences your sound. 

We are currently located in Fredericton NB, Canada. Our music isn’t so much influenced by where we live as it is influenced by our collective musical backgrounds. 

3.Who influences your sound that would surprise people? 

The four of us have such a broad range of musical influences that it would be difficult to pinpoint specifics, but we do all greatly appreciate the music from Periphery, Linkin Park, Protest the Hero, Alter Bridge, Tremonti, Def Leppard, and more. 

4.Are you endorsed by musical companies , if so who , and if not who would you like to be endorsed by? 

I can confidentially say that both myself and James (guitar) would absolutely love an endorsement from Paul Reed Smith, however as a band we would be content with endorsements from any company that we can stand behind who supports artists and makes great products! 

5.When you started what was your ultimate goal? And how close to the goal are you now? 


This band started quite some time ago as an idea – to create heavier rock music with a wall of vocal harmonies similar to Def Leppard. Songs that could be heard on the radio, without sacrificing our sound or over producing simply to fit in. 

6.In today's digital environment it takes creative strategy to keep things moving. What creative ideas do you have to keep your band relevant over time? We are always striving to create music that can be enjoyed by a vast range of people, regardless of preferences. While keeping a certain vibe to our music, we also try to keep up with the current trends and incorporate elements that give us that new, but classic sound. 

7.We've all seen a terrible live band that is awesome on CD. Is that cool with you or do you lose respect for bands that cannot pull it off live? 

We absolutely understand how elements in a recording can often just not be reproduced live. We record our own music, and unless we run backing tracks, it would be difficult to reproduce the exact sound. However, the core of a band performing well live and being entertaining is just as important, if not more important than simply providing good recordings. We spend half our band time in the studio, and the other half rehearsing our material, so I believe we have a good balance. That being said, we wouldn’t lose respect for a band per say, but we do believe that a band who works hard and performs well should not sound terrible live. 

8.Tell us your “core” are you Metal , Rock , Punk , Pop etc because people just have to categorize these days you know? 

I would say that we are, at our core, a Rock band that leans heavily toward metal elements. 

9.This is a tough question but a very real reality, Is your band actually talented or just popular? Many bands make it with a cliche or publicity stunts etc. Would you accept fame even if it was just because of being the “ in” thing or is it actually important to you that you gain favour with talent? 

I think most people, regardless of profession, would love the concept of fame, no matter where it came from, and if the opportunity presented itself, we would be hard-pressed to say no. However, we absolutely would prefer to be known or favoured because of our talent, our songs, and how they speak to each individual listener. 


10.Tell us what to expect from you live. Nothing is more boring than watching bands stare at the floor and bob their heads to music nobody but the band knows. What can your band offer in a live setting that people will remember? 

One of the things we pride ourselves in, is being as mobile and entertaining on stage as we can. We do have a fair bit of 4-part harmonies that keep us glued to the microphones, however any moment we get, you can expect to see us full of energy and making use of every inch of the stage, while performing our material to the best of our abilities. 

11. What releases have you put out , When will we see something new? 

Currently, we only have the one release “Origin,” however, we are hard at work in the studio prepping our next track for release in the coming months. 

12. If you have videos where can we see them? 

We don’t currently have any videos available. 

13.Everybody has Bandcamp , ReverbNation , Soundcloud , etc Why do you think this is so important? Doesn't it seem like everyone is giving everything out for free? 

We believe the more platforms your music is available on, the better. It gives you the chance to reach people who may not use one or two of the platforms your tracks are on. 

14.Best moment of your career so far? 

We have had some great moments collectively and as individuals in other bands, however we feel like the best moment of our career has yet to come, so we are anxiously awaiting the day that happens! 

15.Your message to the fans?


Don’t ever give up. This industry (and many others) may be a tough one to crack, and some days it may feel like the odds are against you, but don’t ever let that stop you from working hard and doing everything you can to chase your dreams.
Bonus Question who do you bring back: Dime , Cliff , Dio , Lemmy , Randy
This question is much too tough for us to decide on as a band, as we have had so many influences between us. If we could jump off the list however, I believe the whole band would agree on bringing back Chester Bennington or Chris Cornell.

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