Sunday, August 4, 2019

Treachery, darkside of the rune stone. Of course

1.What is the name of your band and how did you come up with it?

Treachery, darkside of the rune stone.
What is your name and what do you do for the band? Tommy Russo I'm the singer/ songwriter and I do all the emails and contacts for the band the olive branch so to speak.

2.Tell us where you are based and describe the scene. How do you think where you are located influences your sound.
We are located in Carolina Beach, NC. the scene here is not very geared for our brand of music so it does not influence our sound at all.

3.Who influences your sound that would surprise people?

Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Mastadon, King Diamond, Dio, to name a few don't know if it would surprise people but all songs provide a powerful message.

4.Are you endorsed by musical companies , if so who , and if not who would you like to be endorsed by?

 not currently endorsed by anybody but would welcome any endorsements offered.


5.When you started what was your ultimate goal? And how close to the goal are you now?

To make a good sellable brand and provide good quality music for the entire world to enjoy.
We are very close to our goals in a very short time we feel with the proper team of people behind of us to give us the proper push we will reach our goals with success!

6.In today's digital environment it takes creative strategy to keep things moving. What creative ideas do you have to keep your band relevant over time?

just go to our website and check out our clothing line @

7.We've all seen a terrible live band that is awesome on CD. Is that cool with you or do you lose respect for bands that cannot pull it off live?

 Live is where it's at its your bread and butter studio is where magic can happen and be controlled live is real uncontrolled magic happens.

8.Tell us your “core” are you Metal , Rock , Punk , Pop etc because people just have to categorize these days you know?


9.This is a tough question but a very real reality, Is your band actually talented or just popular?Talented and has been with some very special people.

Many bands make it with a cliche or publicity stunts etc. Would you accept fame even if it was just because of being the “ in” thing or is it actually important to you that you gain favor with talent?

Talent goes the distance

10.Tell us what to expect from you live. Nothing is more boring than watching bands stare at the floor and bob their heads to music nobody but the band knows. What can your band offer in a live setting that people will remember?

Hammers axes excitment, stage performance audience interaction.

11. What releases have you put out, When will we see something new?

 We have a 4 song demo release out now on our website, our full length album should be out at the end of August possibly beginning September.

12. If you have videos where can we see them?

 youtube, facebook

13.Everybody has Bandcamp , ReverbNation , Soundcloud , etc
Why do you think this is so important? Doesn't it seem like everyone is giving everything out for free?

 EXPOSURE !!! Free is the best price there is!! I always say.

14.Best moment of your career so far?

 Yes will get better SOON

15.Your message to the fans?

You are the reason!!

Bonus Question who do you bring back

Dime , Cliff , Dio , Lemmy , Randy
Bring back the era when they where all alive!!!! 

 This is high impact for radio / press now!! request for interviews can be set up by emailing as well as request for music or any other info you need.


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