Friday, May 10, 2019

Azeroth Joins Metal Coffee

Azeroth is a heavy power metal band from Argentina, thas was born as a project on 1995 and with a demo recorded on 1998. They became so requested in the local scene that were recruited by Nems Enterprises (biggest local metal label of that time) to record their very first studio album named just "Azeroth" in the year 1999. This album counted with Christian Bertoncelli and Adrian Barilari as guests in main vocals, and was mixed and mastered in Hamburg by German producer Charlie Bauerfeind. After this first album release, the band had the opportunity to play in numerous live shows and big stages, a few of them shared with big bands as Helloween, Nightwish, Baron Rojo, Labyrinth and Vision Divine. Almost 50 live shows succeeded as part of the “Campaña al Desierto Tour" along different cities of Argentina and Uruguay. In the year 2001 Azeroth recorded the song "Rompe el Hechizo" for a tribute album of the band Rata Blanca named "La Leyenda Continúa", and it was mixed by the German producer Piet Sielck (Iron Savior guitarist).    
Around 2008 was recorded the second studio album named "II", edited by Nems Enterprises, had the participation in backing vocals of Hansi Kurch (Blind Guardian) as guest musician, and was mixed and mastered by Finnish FOH Engineer Kimmo Ahola (Nightwish) at Mastering Noise Master Lab (Sweden). In 2010 "Historias y Leyendas" is released, this time independantly, as the third studio album, with participation again of Christian Bertoncelli in main vocals, recorded and produced in Virtual Studios, Buenos Aires, with Emiliano Obregón. After long years of not having a stable formation, in 2016 the bass player and only foundating member of Azeroth reunites with big musicians of the local metal scene to play as guests in the 20th Anniversary show of the local band Lörihen, at Vorterix Theatre in Buenos Aires, anticipating of what would be "The Legend's Return", as titled in several media publications and fanzine articles. Local Media, Press and fans were excited about this, until in 2017 Azeroth presented their new and actual member line up, along with a brand new single called  
"Entre las Cenizas (Burning Ashes)". This song was released with a video lyric on YouTube channel and Official Facebook page, and was quickly viralized on several platforms. Then in 2018 the excitement and expectations were outstanded when the new studio album (4th in Azeroth's timeline) was announced: "Más Allá del Caos" came to life on May 2018. But the main show was on December 8th 2018, the official presentation of the album at The Roxy Live Buenos Aires, carefully prepared with themed scenery which represented the album cover art, when the album was entiredly played as recorded for the very first time. This had an enormous repercussion in the public and the media. Finalizing the year the album "Más Allá del Caos" was mentioned as 10th place in Headbangers Latinoamerica's "Top Best Latinoamerican Albums 2018", among other mentions.AZEROTH’S NEW ALBUM “BEYOND CHAOS”

    After the succesfull return to Argentina’s metal circuit, the legendary Power Metal band AZEROTH presents their fourth album named "Beyond Chaos", wich contains 11 tracks: 10 brand new songs filled with power and melodies, wich marks a turning point on the songwriting and over all arrangements, making "Beyond Chaos" their best work until today, and also 1 song recorded as a tribute to the Brazilian metal band Viper. The album was mixed and mastered by the Italian Guitarplayer and producer Simone Mularoni, at Domination Studios in San Marino, Italy and the artwork was created and designed by our very own bass player, leader and founding member of the band Fernando Ricciardulli. The track list is as follows:
Alongside Fernando Ricciardulli (Bass player, composer and founding member of AZEROTH, the current line up of the bond is: Ignacio Rodríguez (Vocals and Guitars), Daniel Esquivel (Drums), Leonardo Miceli (Keyboards) and Pablo Gamarra (Guitars and Backing vocals). For the release of "Beyond Chaos" was presented a videoclip for the song "Beyond Chaos", filmed in the city of Chascomús, Buenos Aires, Argentina by Diabolus in Graphica, directed by Cristian Trefny and it is already on our YouTube channel.

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