Monday, March 4, 2019

Unholy Desecration EP Review

Many of you may be familiar with Dante’s “Inferno”, which is the first part of the 3-part epic poem, Divine Comedy, written in the 14th century. With exquisite and savory detail, Dante describes an excursion through the 9 circles of hell. Whether or not you know this masterpiece, fear not because Unholy Desecration have taken the liberty of supplying the world with a worthy soundtrack to the epic work that drags you through hell and back multiple times. 

There was no official soundtrack to “Inferno”, but Unholy Desecration have just recently changed that with their “hellishly wonderful” (how is that for an oxymoron!) 3-song Born of Evil EP released through Confused Records. Unholy Desecration have captured an aura of raw hellfire in this recording that is hard to come by. This south-Texas quintet have teased the extreme music scene with a snippet of what is to come. Each track is furious, raw and savage. The raw, anguished vocals take me back to the true days of black metal back when Dark Throne’s A Blaze in the Northern Sky and Bathory’s Under the Sign of the Black Mark were making constant rounds on my turntable. But wait…track 2, “Born of Evil” takes us back to the Human Waste days of Suffocation as vocalist Fremitus Diaboli takes the take down several notches to death metal glory. There is some really impressive vocal ranges and power that, to me, highlight this EP. Arnold “Blast” endlessly pounds his defenseless drums to a pulp and nicely keeps the music at a frantic pace but not without nice tempo changes that emphasize the darkness in some parts of the compositions. “Blades of War” closes out this impressive debut disc. The memorable riffing leaves a taste of heavenly foulness in your mouth that leaves you brazenly salivating for more. The song structures flow nicely, and although each song is blistering fast, these are more than just non-stop, 100 miles an hour songs; this is also flavorful catchiness that leaves your head pounding even after you’ve stopped listening because you suddenly realize that too much evilness may be too much if taken in all at once. Luckily, Unholy Desecration have slowly eased us in to their fiery world with a brief, 14-minute EP, but be ready because their next offering may not be so considerate of our thresholds. I hope these guys keep their raw, unpolished sound in their next offering because this aura does a lot for this music. It’s like when Possessed recorded Seven Churches; it was magic. If Possessed were to re-record Seven Churches today, I seriously doubt it would measure up to the original because that magic at that given moment could not be duplicated. This is what Unholy Desecration have done; they captured a certain aura and sound that adds to the recording.
Check this out now if you like your music aggressive, memorable and rawer than frozen meat. If blue flames start to flicker out of your headphones/speakers, don’t say I didn’t warn you. Dante would be proud; the soundtrack to the Inferno awaits!! 
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