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www.lipshok.com. LIPSHOK is a female fronted original band playing gothic haunting and melodic commercial rock and metal songs.

What is a lipshok people ask? Well, a "lip shock" is something that happens

to vocalists when they touch their lips to the microphone and there is

an electrical problem and they get those lips shocked. And it can be

something! It's like being stabbed in the lips with teeny tiny needles

repeatedly. The first lip shock was a blue arc from the mic to the lips

of the guitarist and he says "oh, I shocked my lips" and Scarlett (then

using the real world name of Debbi Douglas), said "oh, you got a lip

shock!" and that was it. The name stuck. But we had to change the

spelling to make it more original and unique so the "c" was removed and

one word was created... obviously... But even from that time, the music

tried to be original and different and we believe that has been

achieved. Along with retaining the commercialism and integrity,

Lipshok songs take listeners to new dimensions. The story telling is

what's important along with keeping the music interesting and surprising

with dynamic chord changes, dramatic time signatures, haunting and

melodic vocals, and surprises. No song is safe from this formula and no

song should be. When you listen to the lyrics and the amazing 3 and 4

part harmonies you can easily be taken away to other worlds and magical

realms and still feel ties to situations and experiences you may have

been through in the reality you live in. Lipshok has quite a varied

background. At one time they were even a cover band playing funk, disco,

rock, R and B, and hip hop. Yes, they were a dance band and quite

popular. They even played prisons and jails and talk about a captive

audience! But eventually, they had to get back to their original roots

and the old writing process. Scarlett knew that these new songs have

been dying to get out and get out they did. "In Darkness, Light" was

released 2010, "The Soul of a Broken Mind" was released 2013, "To Haunt a Quiet Realm" in 2016 and now “Shadows of a Dark Heart” for 2020..

Along with Scarlett (Debbi) on lead vocals and keyboards is Massimiliano Maggiari on guitar. Finally Lipshok has the guitarist it was searching

for. He can play such a variety of styles (which Lipshok needs) as the

music is so diverse. And he can shred. There you go. On bass is Phil

Jameson. His creative bass lines and challenging parts keep the low end

powerful and deeper. And especially fantastic is Joe Londeree on drums.

The easiest going guy with such an aggressive attack on drums and yet

also a light touch. And of course he's a pro chimes player. Chimes being a drummers' staple....

Listen to Lipshok and let yourself be taken away. Or you can even stay

where you are. It's all good. But let your imagination travel. Because

it will.

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youtube vids:

(from And So He'll Fly, number 5 track on the new CD, Shadows of a Dark Heart)


(from Bad Place, number 1 track on To Haunt a Quiet Realm)

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