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Melodic Death/ Thrash.

Alabama USA

Interview by Danielle Kali

I recently an excellent opportunity to ask this band any questions I wanted and got some very intriguing answers. Read on. If you haven't heard the album Bludgeon the Offended yet. Here's plenty of reason to want to.

What three influences are most evident in your sound?

Everyone: the three influence we think you can hear most in our sound and that we all collectively love would have to be Fear Factory, Napalm Death and Alice in Chains but to limit it to just those is really unfair because each of us draws from a vast well of music that we love and you can hear all those different tones in the music we are creating

Where do you find inspiration?

Megan: I think for me, I draw my lyrics and vocal power from the feelings that constantly swirl around inside my head. Especially in a world like we live in today, there is a plethora of inspiration just waiting to be noticed. Things to be angry about, things to rejoice over, things that scar the shit out of me, it's all right there, the hard part, really the terrifying part is drawing out the words.

The word Septarian sometimes refers to partitions between things. Why did you choose this word?

From Josh C: As far as the word Septarian, it is the result of looking for the elusive one word band name lol. And seeing as its can be an amalgamation of mierals(rock) and ores(metal) it seemed like a natural fit. Plus, it sounds cool and wasn't taken already by a metal band as far as I can find. It is as a dragonstone.

The fifth track on the album Bludgeon the Offended is titled , No More Boundries. Which boundaries are those?

Megan: No More Boundaries is a song that speaks to anyone and everyone who has gone through any kind of suppression and had to overcome it and a celebration of the people who stood by you through everything. It doesn't speak about one specific obstacle or boundary. If anything it speaks about the boundaries we set upon ourselves in this society and the unrealistic expectations living in it creates and the real need to come together as a whole to disband these limitations.

Who are the offended and what are they being offended by?

Megan/josh combo answer: Bludgeon the offended is pretty much a direct comment on the seemingly acceptable trend of cancel culture these days. The offended are apparently a large part of society that seem to be offended by anything whatsoever that doesn't mirror their views or values. These are people who just down right refuse to accept the individuality that surrounds them on a daily basis. They walk through life with blinders.

When is your next release expected out? What is it called? What is it in respose to?

Josh: we are really going to be pushing hard to have new music available for release this year.

If God were real and you were about to meet them, what one question would you ask?

Josh C:If God were real and I met them, I guess I would ask if they thought it was perfectly acceptable for people that either have never heard of him/her, or that don't accept the organized way of worshipping to be condemned to hell anyway, or is he/she open to the idea that if you worship or appreciate the things that gave you life, is that good enough.

If there is ever a difference of opinion at band practice, how is the final decision made?

Megan: as far as difference in opinion goes that is bound to happen but we choose to take a diplomatic standpoint and put it to a vote. This generally resolves and prevents any real disagreements.

Where would you like to be in ten years?

Megan: My dream for us is to get to the point where we are touring and playing music the way we all love on a consistent and professional level with National and World touring bands.

Are there any supporters you would like to publicly thank?

Everyone: It would be very hard to single out any individual fan or fans. We simply can't thank them enough for all the support they show to us over the years. If anyone deserves a thank you though, it would be the band wives who have put up with our crap over the years.

Where can we find you on the web?

Megan: you can find us on  Septarian

Instagram- @septarianmetal



Twitter- @Septarian14



Septarian are:

Megan Hudson- lead vocals

Joshua Cunningham- backing vocal/guitar

John Martin- backing vocal/bass

Kenneth Galloway-drum

Josh Hopper- keyboards

Ashley Taylor- guitar

And I would like to thank Wes Moose Jaques and Septarian for their generosity in giving me their time.

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