Sunday, January 19, 2020


My assignment this episode was SIN MG..
A band based out of Chicago, Illinois.

I've followed them for a little bit before doing the review.. probably about three months.. since they're also a METAL COFFEE band..

I did a little interview with the band before doing the album review..
I asked him about tunings, bands they've played with, major accomplishments of 2019, and their goals for 2020..
Here's what they said:

Tunings: Drop D and Drop A
Bands we’ve played with: Red, Shamans Harvest, Psychostick and more
2019: we graduated from the bar circuit and only played at legit music venues, we were offered our first record deal (we did not accept), we worked with a new manager, David Atkins and we were offered tours in Russia and a two-week tour across the States with Enuff Z Nuff.

2020: we are focusing on the major music venues in downtown Chicago in 2020, starting with Bottom Lounge. We are also working on a show at the House of Blues and we are going to be playing Canafest in August at SeatGeek Stadium with some amazing national bands like 311.

We are currently working on a full length album that we hope will be complete by spring 2020. Our prior two albums are demo albums that we recorded in my basement. For this new album we are working with Jordon Popp. Jordon is an accomplished producer in Chicago. The material for this album will include some of the older demo material from previous albums, as well as some brand new material.


One of the things I notice first about SIN MG is that it's hard to compare them to another band..
Which is GREAT !!!
That means they sound like SIN MG !!!
That's hard to find in a band..
But if I had to put a comparison to them, some bands that I'm reminded of after listening to their music are..
Marilyn Manson
(Mechanical Animals album)
Bullet for my Valentine
Nine Inch Nails

1.)  36 CRAVEN ST.

I really like the creepy intro..
Craven St. sounds haunted..
Good vocals..
I kept waiting for an explosion, but it's a slower song.


They told me this was a super new song, not many people have heard it yet..
This song brings a sledgehammer sound..
Thumping bass lines..
With the drop tunings you can hear the chugs well..
Vocals match riffs..
Good backing vocals..
Good build-up in bridge, which chugs into a full pause, hard to do..
I like the rowdy ending.


The album is named after this song..
They really let the deep tunings work for themselves..
I liked the yelling part..
Good beat..
Not too complicated riffs, it's their timing that pushes the band..
And then they surprised me with a great solo in this song !!
You could probably run a jackhammer to this song..
Inspired by the Chris Cornell story..
Watching the YouTube video was what I expected this song to look like.

4.) WAIT

Heavy bass driven song..
Good guitar attack with chugs..
Good riffing..
Probably awesome live..
Great timing..
Sounds fun to yell this song..
Good blendz on guitar.


I liked the intro, it has a chorus effect to it..
Lead guitar is good, creating a fuller sound..
Loved the sound of the background singing..
Good lyrics, vocals are really good..
Awesome solo, sounded like finger tapping..
Really good song, blends together so well..


I got a file of this song live, which was way better in my opinion, there's just something to say about hearing it live..
Another sledgehammer opening..
Solid groove..
Solid vocals and backing vocals..
A medium paced song..
Loved the sound at the end.


A different song from the others..
Great groove when the bridge hits, into a really good chorus..
Seems to have a violin sound which was really cool..
Spoken part is awesome, back into that crushing bridge..
Great ending..
Just a really good song.

8.) WHO AM I

Another song I got to hear live, I really enjoyed this one it has a great up tempo start..
Solid riffing..
Definitely a mosh pit song..
Whiplash effects with vocals..
That riff kills it, right back into that break down..
This is the song you play drums on your steering wheel to..
There's a DEFINITE breakdown in the middle, it just crushes it..
This was my favorite song on the album it was totally amazing.


Loved this immediately..
Really a different sound..
Comes together well..
Bringing whole band in the unity with a good groove..
Vocals are really good, matching the beat..
Builds up and comes down in waves..
Really good solo, back into the groove again.


Unique guitar sound..
Probably a hard song to sing, but they nailed it..
I really like this song, trying to explain it was difficult, but that's what makes it so good..
Vocals driven..
Good job mixing different sounds.

by: Jeremy Amack


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