Friday, January 24, 2020


1.Thanks for taking the time to talk to The Grinder! You have a new album out, Tell us about it!

We do, it's called My Confession.  It's a 12 song LP that we've released through RFL Recorrds, and it's an album that we're extremely proud of!  We think that it has a little something for everyone, as it emcompasses a wide range between the songs that are on it..  It also deals with many different themes, lyrically, and touches upon many different subjects.  We feel that it represents some of our best work, and we're very excited for everyone to hear it!

2.Where was it recorded? Is all the material new?

It was recorded in Ohio, near Columbus, at Universal Studio.  The majority of the album is new material, save for a few songs that we're from our last CD, 2014 EP.

3.What is the biggest difference between your last release and the new one?

There's really not too much of a difference between the two.  If I had to point out any difference, I would say that this album is a lot more diverse, and has more complexity to it, both in the music and the lyrics.

4.Are you signed to a label? , If so which one and how did they help or support the process?

Yes, we are signed to RFL Records, based in Pittsburgh, PA.  They were the definitely helpful, mostly by just allowing us to record it the way we wanted to and standing behind our work.

5.What has been going on with the band between albums? Did you tour?

We have not toured between the records.  We did play a lot of shows, some out of state, but not an "official" tour.  We stayed busy by continuing to write for this new record, though.  We're always working on new material and especially after our last record, we knew that we wanted to do a full length this time around, and we knew that we needed to be constantly writing new material in order to have enough good songs for this album.

6.Do you have any new members?

We do, we replaced our last guitar player, Brandon, shortly after this record was complete.  Our new guitar player's name is Zac Shepard.

7.Who produced the new album and how did they effect the album?

The gentleman's name who produced this record is Sean Lee.  He was instrumental in helping this record become what it is, by constantly pushing us to do/be better, and by having us try things that we normally might not have tried.  He helped us to flesh out parts of songs, to change arrangements, and always had some sort of advice for each of us, whether we wanted to hear it or not!

8.Some like to record naked or in the dark with candles , Did you have any strange studio practices?

Nothing too crazy.  I (Doug, the vocalist) did prefer to dim the lights when I would record my vocals, but that's about the strangest thing that I think we did.

9.Of course tell us where to pick up your album and how to learn more about you.

You can find us on Facebook, Twittter, etc.  We always just tell people to Google "After the Fall band Pittsburgh" and you'll be able to find all of our sites, social media, etc.  You can download the album at all major online music retailers, such as Amazon, Google Play, iTunes, etc.  Just go to your preferred online music retailer and search for "After the Fall My Confession".

10.What is your plans now that the new album is out?

We're going to be working on new music for a new release that should be out sometime later this year, and of course, playing as many shows as we can!

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