Monday, August 12, 2019


1.What is the name of your band and how did you come up with it?
What is your name and what do you do for the band?

Band name is TEXAS 223. Myself and Guitarist Chad Russell came up with the name. We wanted to have a connection with TEXAS, Guns, Military, and be able to put those in our artwork also.
My name is Brittan Church and I am the Lead Singer / Guitar / Songwriter for TEXAS 223

2.Tell us where you are based and describe the scene. How do you think where you are located influences your sound. 

Were from Lubbock Tx. TEXAS Metal influences our sound. Pantera is King!

3.Who influences your sound that would surprise people?

Pantera, Metallica, Mudvayne, Van halen, GNR Killswitch Engage, Hellyeah, Godsmack, Trivium, Machinehead, Slipknot, Stone Sour, Black Label Society, Children of Bodom, Five Finger Death Punch, Mudvayne, avenged sevenfold, fear factory

4.Are you endorsed by musical companies , if so who , and if not who would you like to be endorsed by? 

Not endorsed currently. I would like to be endorsed by Mesa Boogie, ESP, Jackson, Gibson, GHS Strings, Dadario strings, Sure mic, audix mic, Livewire cords, Mogami, line 6 for wireless gear, Dunlop pedals/ picks,

5.When you started what was your ultimate goal? 

And how close to the goal are you now?  Our overall goal is to be a successful Metal // Hard Rock Band touring world wide and breaking radio waves and billboard charts. We are well on our way but our journey has just begun. Receiving good amounts of internet radio play from about 15 different stations. Finally starting to get small amount of FM play and some interest in other places. Playing around the state of texas and starting to play in neighboring states.  

6.In today's digital environment it takes creative strategy to keep things moving. 

What creative ideas do you have to keep your band relevant over time? Releasing new material such as songs, Art, and playing new festivals/ shows. Getting in good with other bands.

7.We've all seen a terrible live band that is awesome on CD. Is that cool with you or do you lose respect for bands that cannot pull it off live? 

Fuck That. We are bringing the pain live and on our record. Thats what makes us real as it gets. If its on the CD you better pull it off.

8.Tell us your “core” are you Metal , Rock , Punk , Pop etc because people just have to categorize these days you know?

 Metal / Hard Rock

9.This is a tough question but a very real reality, Is your band actually talented or just popular?
Many bands make it with a cliche or publicity stunts etc. Would you accept fame even if it was just because of being the “ in” thing or is it actually important to you that you gain favor with talent? 

We are all extremely talented and take our music very seriously. I also like to chop stuff up with a chainsaw and smash it because i believe that go’s hand in hand with metal. We put on a show and put all our talents together. On the other end of that.. I don't really care how we make it but we want to make a living doing this. We def don't want to be some circus sideshow but... I mean Red Hot Chilli Peppers put socks on their dicks to make it. And now their in the rock n roll hall of fame… not saying that's what I want to do but no one gave a shit about fleas abilities until they became better known.

10.Tell us what to expect from you live.

Nothing is more boring than watching bands stare at the floor and bob their heads to music nobody but the band knows. What can your band offer in a live setting that people will remember? INTENSITY at its peak. Very energetic hard hitting show every second your in the room. No one will forget TEXAS 223 if you see us live and we strive to make that happen every time we play. From screaming in your face to killer solos from chad to machine gun double bass from Benjamin and Kolton pulling us all together with bass. We are a sonic force that hits hard and represents metal. Just to top it off we pull out a chainsaw at the end of the show and chop up some stuff and smash it. People always love that shit :)

11. What releases have you put out , When will we see something new?

We have released five singles and our self titled debut album called TEXAS 223. We are always writing new material. No set release or record dates.

12. If you have videos where can we see them?

Youtube, our website, Facebook

13.Everybody has Bandcamp , ReverbNation , Soundcloud , etc
Why do you think this is so important? Doesn't it seem like everyone is giving everything out for free?

Yes i think social media and music sites like those are very important to get out there. And. Yes everyone wants everything free. It pisses me the fuck off. They want the music free. They want us to play for free. Its bullshit. I guess its just the position the industry is in and also us as a band. It sucks. Period. We also still love to do it and we are here to weather the storm. We want to make it as a band and that means paying the bills to.

14.Best moment of your career so far?

There are many great moments from opening up for some of my favorite national acts like Avatar and Saving Abel and Dark Tranquility to getting airplay for the first time on FM in my hometown.

15.Your message to the fans?

We love our fans.
Thank You so much for the continued support. Stay Metal and Come see us when you get a chance!

Bonus Question who do you bring back

Dime for sure.


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